November 2014

Day in the Life: 11/5/14

November 6, 2014

5:40am: Alarm goes off. Maddie gets up and starts licking my face. Press snooze and roll over. 5 more minutes, I’ll be ready in 5 more minutes. 5:45am: Second alarm goes off. After settling back into her spot, Maddie jumps back up and reminds me that it’s time to get up. 5:50am: Let Maddie outside more »

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Child of the 90s

November 4, 2014

I’ve been on a stars-of-the-‘90s memoir kick lately. It all began with Melissa Joan Hart’s Melissa Explains It All: Tales from My Abnormally Normal Life. Any other Clarissa Explains it All or Sabrina the Teenage Witch fans out there? I was a big fan of both series in my youth and have always been an admirer more »

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Weekend Roundup

November 2, 2014

  Happy Sunday! I’m not sure how the weather was where you were, but we had a pretty incredible weekend of cool temps and blue skies in Central Florida.   Can it be this amazing year-round? Because that would be awesome. thankyouverymuch The theme for the weekend was to spend as much time outside as more »

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