Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekend Roundup

by Meghann on November 2, 2014


Happy Sunday!

I’m not sure how the weather was where you were, but we had a pretty incredible weekend of cool temps and blue skies in Central Florida.



Can it be this amazing year-round? Because that would be awesome. thankyouverymuch

The theme for the weekend was to spend as much time outside as possible.

Saturday kicked off with a 6 mile run. I wore my IRONMAN Florida shirt in honor of all my friends racing that morning.




Unfortunately right after I snapped that picture I discovered the swim for this year’s race had been cancelled. While I know the right decision was made (bad winds + riptide = unsafe conditions), I can still understand the sense of disappointment all the athletes felt for missing those 2.4 miles from their 140.6. I actually had nightmares about the same thing happening last year. However, all of this year’s athletes more than earned their IRONMAN titles. They may have missed the swim, but they fought through tough winds, colder than normal temperatures, and still made it to the finish line with smiles on their faces. Congrats to all of the 2014 IRONMAN Florida finishers! Way to fight like hell and take the day by the horns.

Derek and I spent the rest of the morning at local park, where we had a picnic by a lake.






While Derek watched football, Maddie and I went for a long walk and discovered a new trail near our house.



Just another reason to love our new neighborhood. 🙂

When I realized the weather was going to be so nice over the weekend, I made the last minute decision to register for a local 5K on Sunday. So after enjoying my extra hour of sleep this morning, I bundled up and headed down to Lake Park to run the Buddy Run 5K.


The Buddy Run 5K is a small, local 5K with about 300 participants. The event is organized by Buddy Baseball, which is a non-competitive recreational league for boys and girls with special needs. Each player is paired with a “Buddy” to assist the player as needed. 100% of the proceeds from the 5K benefits the organization.

Buddy Run 5K


The 5K route covered some rocky running trails of Lake Park, which also meant it was a good excuse to test out my new Brooks PureGirt Trail Running Shoes I recently received.


From Brooks: The lightweight shoe connects you to the terrain as it responds and protects you from its tricky elements. An outsole peppered with hex lugs delivers maximum grip, while a ballistic rock shield protects your foot from rocks and roots on the trail. A toe guard provides protection and added traction when the trail gets steep.

I’ve run a few trail races over the years, but this was my first pair of actual trail running shoes. I could definitely feel a difference with the grippiness of the bottom and my stability in the rocks and sand. They even held their own on the short asphalt segments of the run. I’d like to wear them for some more advanced running trails and really put them to the test.


The race started a 8:00am. It was still freezing (per Florida standards) and I debated wearing my jacket for the race, but ended up sticking with my original plan of arm sleeves and a tank top.



When in doubt, always layer down before a race. You may be cold at the start, but it gets warm pretty quickly.



I left my Garmin at home and decided just to enjoy the run. As I’ve done zero speed training, I didn’t want to put any pressure on this race. It was a beautiful day to run for a great cause and my plan was to just leave it at that.




I put my iPod on, lined up with the crowd, and repeatedly told myself not to start too fast. When the gun went off, I held back the best I could and started with a tough, yet comfortable pace that I felt I could hold for all 3.1 miles.


After the initial bolt, I noticed a handful of women pull head. They were slightly older (think 40s and 50s), which meant if I held my positioning and pace, I had the possibility of winning my age group. I know, I know – this was supposed to be a no-pressure race, but when you realize you have the chance to win your age group, you hang onto it.

I kept my pace quick (well, my current version of “quick”) and steady, but never pushed beyond my limits. It was just enough to give myself a good workout, without feeling like death the whole way (ugh. I hate that feeling). Whatever I did, it worked. I was able to hold the pace consistently and never feel the need to drop. I even re-passed a few people who had passed me in the beginning.

The 5k went quick and, before I knew it, I was heading back to the finish line.


I crossed the finish line in 26:02 – good enough for 1st in 25-29 female and 6th overall female. 🙂


Not bad. Not bad at all. You have to love local 5ks. 😉

I celebrated the finish with my first Starbucks red cup of the season.


(grande misto with one pump pumpkin spice)

And french toast.




(with almond butter and cinnamon apples – yum!)

The rest of the day was dedicated to lawn work, reading People by the pool, and prepping for the work week. I hate that this weather won’t stick around forever. Hopefully this is just a sign of what’s to come for the rest of the winter!

How was your weekend?  


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