Monday, October 6, 2014

AcroYoga and Pound

by Meghann on October 6, 2014

Good evening, friends. How was everyone’s weekend?

Well Friday I played the old lady card and was fast asleep by 9:30. It wasn’t on a purpose, it just so happened that I was on the couch and my eyes refused to stay open any longer. The older I get, the more I feel like one of those dolls where every time you lay them down their eyes shut automatically. That’s me after 8:00pm. Lay me down and my eyes will shut, not to be opened again until my alarm goes off the next day.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to try two new-to-me workouts:

Have you ever heard of AcroYoga? It’s a newish style of partner yoga that combines acrobatics and yoga so you end up with cool positions like this:


Cool, right?

Basically it’s one of those things I wouldn’t have thought to try in a million years, but after a super, super beginner session on Saturday, I’m now obsessed with it. Both partners require a lot of strength, balance, and trust to make any of the positions work.

After being wowed by just how talented our instructors were, our group partnered up to try some basic introduction positions. First, we took turns flying and being the base for what I dubbed the “freebird.”


And then practiced going from a partnered plank position, to a box.


Let me tell you, my arms and core were done after acting as both the flyer and the base for each of them. I haven’t felt that worked after a yoga class since my days at Orlando Power Yoga (I still miss that studio). It totally inspired me to try AcroYoga again. There’s an AcroYoga Tampa Bay Facebook page that promotes local AcroYoga events (“AcroJams”) and workshops. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for another super beginner workshop to learn more of the basics. I doubt I’ll ever truly master it, but it’s still fun to try and attempt.

The second class was a new workout called Pound.


It’s a high intensity group workout class that incorporates drumsticks (there’s a great YouTube video about it HERE). After struggling to find my rhythm in a Zumba and Fierce Fitness class I’d taken earlier in the day, I immensely enjoyed the sharp movements of the Pound class – no rhythm required. It actually reminded me more of my cheerleading days where the goal was to hit a sharp, precise movement, rather than being “loosey, goosey.”


Banging the hell out of the floor and overhead with the drum sticks was also a lot of fun. It’s definitely not a workout you could do at a second-floor apartment, but it’s really fun with a room full of people all doing the same thing (it sounds cool, too). The workout requires you to be in either a low, wide squat position where you’re hitting the sticks side-to-side or in front; or on the floor with your legs up in the air and hitting the sticks in various directions. At the end, both my quads and core were burning.


Pound is still fairly new to the area, with only a limited number of classes being offered. I’m usually not a huge fan of group fitness classes, but I would definitely take this one again. Especially when I’ve had a bad day and need an excuse to hit things.

Sunday was amazing. After weeks of hot, rainy weather we finally lucked out with a bit of a cool, dry spell. My morning run was one of the best I’ve had in a while, and it was even cool enough to eat lunch outside.


Mary joined us for Asian Tofu Lettuce Wraps <- so easy to make and delicious to eat.

It’s always fun to hang out with this cool dude.


Grant. I die. So cute. So fun.

I also binge watched Gilmore Girls all weekend. I’m obsessed – I forgot how much I loved that show.

What’s the last new workout you tried? Anything fun?

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