Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Home Sweet Home

by Meghann on September 23, 2014

I just returned from my final event of our race season. I traveled to more events last season, but for some reason this season felt tougher. Maybe it was because all of my travels were condensed to a two-month period. I love my job and I love being on the road, but I missed being home and I’m so excited to finally have a few weekends to myself.

Weekends I can finally dedicate to putting our new house together. I know, I know – I owe you photos and I want to start delivering, but you have to keep in mind we still have a looonnnggg way to go. Let’s call these the “before” photos, because we’re not even close the being done.

Take the living room for instance:


Short term:

  • New rug. Our old one is small and beat up. I want to find a vibrant rug that will add some color to the space.
  • Refinish the coffee table and end tables. These were hand me downs from my parents and are about 15 years old. They’re in rough shape, but Derek and I love them and really have no desire to replace them (the coffee table pulls up, which is convenient for working on the computer and eating meals/snacks in the living room). My little brother recently refinished an old table of my parents, so I’m hoping he’ll help walk us through the progress when he visits in the near future.
  • New throw pillows. I purchased the gray chevron pillows from Target the other week and love them. I just need some small pillows to replace our other throw pillows and we’ll be all set.
  • New curtains. We want something light and airy for the sliding glass door.
  • New table. We need something where the end table is against the wall currently. I’m not sure what that is, but we’ll figure it out.
  • Wall décor. I haven’t even opened the boxes with all of our frames and home décor. I have zero design taste so the task of trying to figure out where everything should go makes me head hurt.

Long term:

  • New paint. When we bought the house I didn’t mind the color on the walls, but as soon as we moved in, I wasn’t a fan anymore. At night the paint color looks really yellow and dingy. I’d love to paint the walls and liven it up a bit, but I’m not sure what the magic color is. Thoughts?
  • New floors. I’m not a fan of the white tile. Personally, I’m a fan of hardwood floors, but Derek wants to keep tile so we’re compromising with tile that looks like wood. We’ve watched enough HGTV to fall in love with the idea and have even been drawn to it at our local home improvement stores. Only problem is wood tile is $$ and it’s a major project to take on. Our goal is to replace the white tile in a year or so.
  • Remove the popcorn ceiling. Not only is it dated, but there’s a spot where someone really did an awful job trying to patchwork where a wall had been removed. It’s gotta go.



Short term:

  • New stools. Our old stools are too tall for our breakfast bar, which makes sitting on them very awkward and uncomfortable. I’d love to sell the old chairs and replace them with something fun and modern.
  • Wall décor. Again, no clue where to start.

Long term:

  • Figure out what to do with our “bar” area. Right now it just looks awkward. (I guess short term should also be throwing out those boxes of trash – whoops.)


Dining room:


Short term:

  • Wall décor.
  • New curtains
  • New rug. Just need to figure out size and color.

Long term:

  • New table. I wish this was a short term goal, but it’s unfortunately a “want” not a “need.” I’d like to get something a little larger to fill the space.
  • A new cabinet? I feel like the space needs something.
  • Replace tile (see living room)

Entrance room/ Playroom/ Second living room


No idea what to do with this space. Eventually we’d like to turn it into a play room for future kiddos, but right now it’s our storage space. Sigh.



Short term:

  • Assemble the desk. (I think this is a given)
  • Organize space.
  • Rug?
  • Hang wall décor – think race bibs, medals, and trinkets.

Long term:

  • Not sure. I think we’ll have to revisit this once everything is up.

Extra bedroom #1:


Long term:

  • Nursery. Until then, I think it may remain empty.

Extra bedroom #2:


Short term:

  • Our new guest bedroom, complete with an air mattress and tons of closet space for all guest’s needs.

Long term:

  • My uncle is downsizing in January and we’ve got “dibs” on his extra bedroom set. My uncle has awesome taste, so we’re going to hold out buying furniture until then.
  • Paint. There we go with the nasty yellow again. What’s a nice color for a guest bedroom?

Our bedroom:


Short term:

  • Large mirror over dresser. I have my eye on one at Homegoods. 😉
  • Stand for TV.
  • Ditch mirror closet doors. Replacing the closet doors might be a long term initiative (dude, who knew closet doors were so much money?), but the mirror ones need to go.
  • New hampers. Something pretty that’ll look nice next to the dresser since they no longer fit in the closet.
  • New baskets for my impromptu dresser since my workout clothes didn’t fit in the other dressers – whoops!

Long term

  • New doors for the closet. See above.
  • That’s it. I’ve made the most progress in the bedroom and right now I’m really happy with it. I like the gray the walls were originally painted. It’s not something I would have picked myself, but I instantly fell in love when we moved it. It’s very soothing and welcoming.





So, there you have it. A mini tour of the new house. It’s still a mess and it’s not perfectly put together just yet, but it’s home and we’re slowing getting there. Just trying to keep it real.



I’ll post updates as they come. We still have so many things to tackle and next thirty or so years to figure it out. 😉

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