Monday, September 15, 2014

Settling In

by Meghann on September 15, 2014

It’s Monday, again. Where did the weekend go?

House update: it’s still a mess.

We made some progress on the bedroom/bathroom this weekend, but it still feels like we have so much farther to go. Just when I think we’ve finished one area, we’ll find a new box of stuff I’d forgotten about and need to find space for it. Luckily I’m more motivated now to trash things than I was when we were packing. Do I really need to keep all of those old spirit shirts from high school that are now paper thin and falling apart? Nope – in the trash!

We celebrated a couple of firsts in the new place:

We bought our first lawn mower!


Who knew there were so many options in the land of lawn mowers? You have push, self-propelled, gas, electric, etc. etc. While I zoned out during the guy’s sales speech, Derek bought us a classic push gas lawn mower.  Works for me.

Derek could hardly wait to cut the grass and use the lawn mower for the first time. I wonder how long it will take that excitement to wear off? He was just so proud and he should be. The grass looks awesome and it looks like we have a real lawn again, instead of the forest of weeds that had magically propped up in the 2 weeks we’ve owned the house (dude, grass grows fast!).

We used the pool!


Well, it was really just a photo opp. Our floating chorine tablet holder broke at some point Saturday night and the bottom portion sunk to the bottom. Since one of us had to dive to the bottom to get it, I volunteered and spent a blissful 5 minutes chilling on my raft before needing to get ready to leave. The water was an amazing 82 degrees. Since we don’t have a heater, we really need to take advantage before that temp heads south in the winter. Who’s up for a pool party next Sunday?!

This also led to our first trip to Pinch-a-Penny to replace said broken floating chorine tablet holder and discovered yet again how little we know about pools. Sales Guy, “How big is your pool?” Us, “You mean in length?” “Nope, gallons.” *blank stares* Sigh. We’re still learning. One thing at a time.

I also had my first splurge fest at Target.


Derek and I made a pact not to buy anything that’s not absolutely needed until all of the boxes are unpacked and we 100% know what we’re dealing with. AKA no trips to Ikea anytime soon. BUT the pillows! The rug! The organizer! How could I resist? #mustbuyallthings

And, finally, we booked our first trip in our new house.


We’re going to Switzerland!

We’ve been talking about going to Switzerland ever since our friends Ashley and Bo moved to Geneva last year. We’ve penciled in a few different dates, but things always came up. First it was work, then it was buying the house, then it was the pregnancy, and so on and so on. We had so many excuses not to go, that it started to feel like a pipe dream. Then Ashley emailed me the day after my surgery, begging us  to visit them. This time I was out of excuses. Life is too short for excuses.  So I spoke with Derek and we both agreed that we need to get away and have an amazing adventure. So last night we both held our breaths as we purchased our tickets for November.

Let the countdown begin. It feels good to have something new to look forward to. I need the distraction. 🙂

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