Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My new favorite

by Meghann on August 19, 2014

I have a nephew! Welcome to the world, Owen! 9 lbs, 21 in, and absolutely perfect in every way.



I could stare at him all day. And I do. He’s my new phone background. I just can’t get enough.

As you may recall, my sister went in labor on my way home from Wisconsin. Owen was born the next day, in the early morning hours of August 12th. My sister was an absolute trooper and had a smooth labor and delivery. I’m so proud of her.



Do you see that smile? That’s a smile of a mom! Plus, how great does Kelly look? This was taken one week after giving birth and she’s still glowing!

Unfortunately I had to fly to Seattle on Thursday, therefore I still have not had a chance to meet the newest member of the family. I’m counting down the hours until Thursday afternoon, when I’ll make the 2 hour drive to meet the little guy. I can not wait. I could really use the squishy baby snuggles. 🙂

I’m also ready for a little travel break. After three back-to-back weeks of flying, I’m ready to spend a couple of hours at home. Derek and I are still on track to close on our new house next week (HOLY CRAP!) and we haven’t packed a thing. Yikes! After snuggling with the babes, our goal this weekend is to pack up the house/ throw away all the crap we don’t need. There are still boxes packed from when I moved here in 2011 – clearly we have a lot of work on our hands.

I also need some sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. mmmm… sleep. I miss you.

So goals for the weekend:

  • Meet Owen
  • Pack the house
  • Sleep

Is it only Tuesday? Come on, Thursday! You can’t get here fast enough! 😉


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