Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day in the Life: Travel Day Hell

by Meghann on August 12, 2014

6:30am: Alarm clock goes off. Press snooze and roll over.

6:33am: Begin to panic snooze won’t work, I’ll fall back to sleep and miss my ride. Jump up in a panic and realize there’s still 2 minutes of snooze left.

6:40am: Shower, dress, finish packing bag, eat last plum from the stash of fruit I bought Thursday night when we arrived

7:00am: Head downstairs and meet driver for my ride to the airport

7:45am: Arrive at airport, check bag and spend an extra minute selecting the best seats for my flights (window seats close to the front of the plane -always)

8:00am: Head upstairs and grab a muffin and coffee. Eat breakfast while catching up on emails

8:30am: Make my way through security and head to gate

8:40am: Check digital boards and discover flight to Chicago is cancelled

8:45am: Hand tickets to agent and discover a bus is waiting downstairs to drive us to Chicago.  Should still have plenty of time to make 1:00pm flight to Tampa. Crisis averted.

9:00am: Checked bags are distributed at ticket counter. Lots of angry/annoyed people waiting for bags.

9:10am: Grab bag and load bus to Chicago.

airport bus

9:25am: Bus leaves Milwaukee

9:50am: Bus stops. No explanation given. Driver finally tells us another bus is on its way. Is this really happening?

bus shot

9:55am: AC is off and the bus is already steaming.  The guy next to me calls the airline to complain and is given the option of 12,000 miles or $300. He encourages everyone to do the same.

10:15am: Second bus finally arrives. We’re shuffled out of bus #1 and loaded into bus #2 on the side of the interstate. Classy.


11:20am: Second bus arrives in Chicago. Admittedly, a faster drive than I was expecting. Why didn’t I just drive there in the first place?

11:30am: Re-check bag, try to get an upgrade – no dice. I’m told I’ll have to complain on the phone or online to get anything. Darn. All I want is a bigger seat and free drinks – is that too much to ask? I also discover next flight has been delayed 45 minutes. Sigh.

11:45am: Head through security and have lunch at Wolfgang Puck. Order tortilla soup and mixed greens salad

20140811_113821 20140811_114320

12:15pm: Check monitors and discover flight is delayed another 45 minutes. Dratz. Text my ride to let her know I’m delayed.


12:30pm: Splurge on 20 minute chair massage at airport spa because… why the heck not. I needed it.

1:00pm: Find a chair with an outlet and start to crank through emails.

1:45pm: Flight is now delayed a full 3 hours. Noooo. Text ride and tell her I’ll take a cab. Text husband and he says he can get me. Yay!

delayed again

2:30pm: Purchase a strawberry “smoothie” aka milkshake thanks to the frozen vanilla yogurt base I ordered.


3:00pm: Dad calls to tell me Kelly is in labor. At this rate I’m going to be an aunt before I’m home!

3:15pm: Log on to Publix deli online and pre order a sub to pick up when I land. I’m always thinking ahead when it comes to food!

3:30pm: Board plane. Finally!


4:00pm: Pass the heck out and sleep the entire flight

7:30pm: Land in Tampa! Kelly is at 4 cm and progressing beautifully. We’re told to expect late night texts with updates.

8:00pm: Meet Derek curbside.  Give him a big hug and kiss. He takes me to my car at the office

8:10pm: Drive to Publix and grab pre ordered sub and a few other staples to survive a couple of days before my next trip.


9:00pm: Home! Finally!

10:00pm: Head to bed – I should have a nephew in the morning!

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