Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What’s New

by Meghann on July 1, 2014

Happy July 1st!

Any big plans this month? I have my sister’s baby shower in a couple of weeks, which I’m super pumped about. I’ll also be kicking off my crazy stretch of work travel at the end of the month. If you don’t hear from me for the majority of August – you’ll know why!

Let’s see. What else is new?

House Hunting

Ugh. It’s not going so hot. We’re starting to get a little more aggressive in our search, but we’re still not finding anything.

Tip: when looking at houses, it’s best to view properties right after work. We ruled out an entire area after a 2+ hour attempt to see one house about drove Derek mad. At that point we didn’t care how nice the houses were, it wasn’t worth the commute or his mental sanity.

Thankfully we have the luxury of time on our hands, but the deeper we get into the search, the more determined I am to find something. I know the perfect (or almost perfect) house is out there, we just need to find it.

Summer Shred

I’m excited about this! Bobbi is a longtime friend and has seen great results come from her Summer Shred programs for years. I’ll be hopping on to this summer’s program and I hope you’ll join me!


The NHS JULY SUMMER SHRED will run from Sunday, July 6th – Saturday, August 2nd // That’s FOUR WEEKS together!
FOUR WEEKS of AT-HOME WORKOUTS (that will kick your bootie)… all of the workouts are NEW NHS WORKOUTS with NEW VIDEOS focused on making you ‘bathing suit comfortable!’ There will also be brand NEW MEAL PLANS, SHOPPING LISTS, FACEBOOK GROUPS and much more! To learn more information about the Summer Shred check it out here.

I’m in a magazine!

WellBella Meghann Anderson-Russell

A couple of months ago an editor at WellBella, GNC’s health and beauty magazine, approached me about developing a smoothie recipe using a GNC product for an upcoming issue. Umm.. hell yeah! How fun does that sound? So I submitted my recipe and my issue hit stores this month. You can also check it out online HERE.


Tonight’s dinner

steak tacos

Steak tacos with summer squash, onion, and peppers. A side of yesterday’s homemade coleslaw for good measure. (Homemade coleslaw always tastes better once it’s had a chance to soak up the good stuff overnight). Yum.

What’s new with you?

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