Saturday, May 31, 2014

Welcome to San Diego

by Meghann on May 31, 2014

Holler! Two flights, one layover, and seven hours later… I finally made it to San Diego!


Woo hoo!

Anyone else get bored while traveling and take a million selfies? No? Just me? Okay.

Actually, today wasn’t bad. I was able to squeeze a quick run in with Maddie before taking my time getting ready and making it to the airport with plenty of time before my 11:50am flight. I even had enough time to curl my hair (whoa – fancy!) and stop at WaWa for lunch.


I got a roast beef hoagie on whole wheat for my first flight. Pretty tasty.

I grabbed Starbucks at my layover in Dallas, then slept for the majority of my second flight to San Diego. Yep, apparently Starbucks has no effect on me. I guess I just <3 sleep. It was a great, easy day of traveling and I was excited to finally make it to my final destination.

I’m in San Diego this weekend running the Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon with Suja. My first stop was the Westin Gaslamp – the official hotel for race weekend.



A fridge full of Suja, a giant heavenly bed to myself, and a gorgeous view of the city – I’m officially spoiled.



Also, I love how running focused Westin is. Everything from the running concierge to the race weekend checklist provided at check-in to the shakeout run planned for the morning has been really welcoming and encouraging as a race participant.  


And, if you forget any gear at home, Westin has a partnership with New Balance for a special gear lending program. You can request workout gear at check-in and receive a shirt, shorts, and shoes to borrow and socks to keep during your stay.




Oh, and I met Meb in the elevator! Turns out his wife is from Tampa and he has trained with the University of Tampa track coach – small world! I was so awe struck, I totally forgot to grab a photo. #badblogger

Suja had arranged a special dinner tonight at Searsucker, an adorable restaurant around the corner from the Westin.


Fun fact: the owner of Searsucker was an original investor in Suja.

Tonight’s menu was hand selected by Suja co-founder Annie Lawless (who I just realized I didn’t get a photo with, but is super cute, young, and a huge inspiration. you should follow her on Instagram @babygenius23) and featured delicious, healthy New American Classic cuisine.


We split a handful of appetizers and I ordered the salmon for dinner.

20140530_182628 20140530_182904


I also had the Jaloberry Strawpeno with my meal. It was a sweet and spicy margarita that fit perfectly with the San Diego scene.


After dinner the group headed to the Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll VIP party at The Headquarters.

20140530_192922 20140530_193718 20140530_194528

Did you know Suja makes an excellent cocktail mixer? I ordered the Suja Purify with champagne. A-ma-zing.

20140530_194603 20140530_194734

Remember my elevator friend, Meb? I finally got my photo (with the lovely Fitnessita!). I had to tell him that I promise I’m not stalking him. Well… maybe a little.


Speaking of stalker… I geeked out over Ryan Hall as well. Unfortunately I didn’t have the guts to say hi or ask for a photo, but I did get this creepy back shot.


I know what you’re thinking – he has zero butt to speak of. He was chowing down, though. Ryan had a big ole plate of pizza and appetizers and was constantly eating. It takes a lot of carbs to fuels those speedy miles!

The night ended with speeches from Competitor Group, Annie from Suja, and Meb. Did you know San Diego was the Rock ‘n’ Roll series’ inaugural event in 1998? Since then they’ve grown to over 32 events world wide and San Diego is still one of their largest races with all 50 states represented in attendance.


After the speeches were done we Uber-ed it back to the hotel. I’ve heard of Uber, but this was my first time using it. What a cool service. It’s an app that you can call cars from. The app lets you see how close the nearest Uber driver is, let’s you see a photo and reviews of the driver, and you can connect your credit card to pay directly through the app. We used it twice and both times were very efficient. The cars were clean and the drivers were nice. It was 10 times better than messing with a taxi. Have you Uber-ed?  

I can’t wait to see what day 2 adventures will bring!

Full Disclosure: Suja is covering my travel and race expenses for the weekend. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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