Tuesday, May 20, 2014


by Meghann on May 20, 2014

You know it’s going to be a good week when it kicks off with a Yelp elite event.



Looks good, right?

pssst… Anyone can be elite! Learn more about the super cool Yelp title HERE

Last night’s Yelp Elite event took place at the still-under-construction Roux. What is Roux? Well it’s a a little taste of New Orleans in Tampa Bay. Roux was developed by the same folks who brought us Datz and Dough. It’s a cajun/creole restaurant set to open in June/July.

Rumor has it Roux was originally set to open this week, which is why the elite event was scheduled for Monday. However, you can never set anything in stone when it comes to construction or renovations and dates got pushed back. Fortunately for us, the date for the pre-scheduled elite preview party never changed.  So what if there weren’t any decorations and they just had the toilet installed that day? The most important part  – the kitchen! – was raring to go and that’s all that really matters, right?


Plus, you got to hand it to them, they made the whole under-construction thing look good. It was really just an excuse for artsy mood lighting.


I forgot the other important part – the bar. Yes, the bar was ready, too. Kitchen and bar. That’s really all you need.



I started off with the Pimm’s Cup which was strong, but also sweet and refreshing. It was definitely a win in my book.



The space was a little tight in the restaurant. I’m actually interested to see what the space will look like once it’s fully operational. It felt really tight with all the Yelpers, an’t imagine what it will be a room full of tables.


There was a pasta and beignet station set up on the far side of the wall.



The beignets were a little disappointing. The sample size was on the small size so we didn’t really get a chance to enjoy the warm fluffiness of what makes a beignet great.

The oyster po boy was also missing some spice. It was one of the first items I tried and I was surprised there wasn’t any kick to it.




Luckily it did improve from there. Everything else had that great cajun kick I was after. I was especially a fan of the jambalaya slide and spicy shrimp po boy.



And it wouldn’t be creole if a frog leg wasn’t thrown in there. Tastes just like chicken.


Wait, I lied. My favorite was actually dessert. They had “Baked Alaska” on the menu, but there was no Baked Alaska on display. A group of us stood by the kitchen and were questioning each server about this elusive dessert. Finally the Baked Alaska appeared and we all swarmed the white boxes for a taste.












There were a few flavors, but I opted for cream cheese because it’s what was ready to eat. The Baked Alaska was like a Baked Alaska cupcake with an ice cream center. It was delicious.

















My friends Sarah and I left feeling full and satisfied. We look forward to returning to Roux once it opens later this summer to get the full experience. The countdown is now on for opening day.




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