Monday, April 28, 2014

Internet Shortage

by MealsAndMiles on April 28, 2014

Hi friends!

Miss me? I was traveling for work over the weekend. Luckily that’s the last weekend I’m working for a while,  which is good since Derek and I have a lot of work to do before we put our place on the market.  The next couple of weekends will be dedicated to tossing junk and scrubbing floors.

Since there was so much interest in our house hunting,  I’m working on a House Hunters -esque post to review the first few properties we’ve looked at. Stay tuned.

Anything else you want to hear about?

Unfortunately our internet is down, so I’m forced to blog from my phone. I had a post ready to go, but now I’m just popping in to say hi. I miss you guys!

My blog host was having server issues last week, so please accept my apologies for Meals and Miles going in and out last week. Hopefully it should all be good now!

Crossing my fingers the internet is back tomorrow! Good night!

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