Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Monday

by Meghann on April 14, 2014

Oh, man, am I tired. What an incredible exhausting week of work. Thanks for bearing with me as I got through the first race of the season. It’s our largest event (and a local one!) so it always requires a lot of dedication during race week.

After a week’s worth of early mornings and late nights, it was nice to put my running shoes on and just run this morning. I’ve been doing a lot of watch-less runs lately, which really allows me to zone out and just enjoy the run. When your head is already going a million miles a minute, it’s nice not to think about pace, splits, or timing. It’s all about the run, simple as that.

I also finished the new Veronica Mars audiobook on my run.


First of all, LOVE that the audiobook was read by Kristen Bell. She definitely brought the book to life and made it feel like it could easily be just another episode of Veronica Mars (if the show were to resurrect itself in 2014).

The book itself was also great. The story picks up were the movie left off, with Veronica settling back into Neptune in her new role as a P.I. The story does not add much to move the plot forward in the “Veronica and Logan” love story, but it still brings together all of your favorite Veronica Mars characters as they work together, just as they did ten years earlier, to solve the mystery of two missing spring breakers in Neptune.

I found myself unable to put the iPod down and can not recommend it enough to die hard Veronica Mars fans. I’m hoping Rob Thomas will continue with the series, as I’m already looking forward to the next book!

In other random tidbits of news…

  • CONGRATS to my little brother Ben for rocking Ironman Florida 70.3 in Haines City yesterday!!
  • Does anyone watch The Mindy Project?! Why the heck did they bring Danny and Mindy together just to pull them apart so quickly? Not cool!
  • My house is a mess.
  • I need to start bringing my own snacks when working. I failed miserably at that last week.



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