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Color Me Rad

by Meghann on March 30, 2014




Who’s ready to get RAD?

Color Me Rad Orlando


This morning I had the opportunity to experience my first color-themed run: Color Me Rad in Orlando.


Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the “rad” phenomenon, Color Me Rad is a 5K event series with a colorful twist – you’re doused with color during the run. It’s an un-timed, family-friendly event that takes the intimidation factor out of the 5K and just leaves the fun.

The pre-race instructions encouraged participants to wear white from head-to-toe, so this morning I pulled out an old white tee and white shorts for race day.

all white

Then I arrived at the race site, saw the store of Color Me Rad gear, and basically bought everything they had. What can I say? I’m an easy sale. The prices were decent (shorts – $10, shirt – $15, tutu – $12) and everything was really cute. Plus I got two extra color bombs with my purchases. Sold!



With my Color Me Rad registration I got a light blue Color Me Rad participant shirt, a RAD temporary tattoo, and a pair of sunglasses.

After picking up our packets (and a quick change), Ashley, Amanda, and I headed to the start line to get rad.


The music was pumping, the colors were flying, and the start line turned into one big party. Everyone had a smile on their face – just the way every race start should be!


The start was a very casual “go” with a climatic blast of color on our way out the start.


The actual run circled in and around the Central Florida Fairgrounds. If I’m being honest, it wasn’t the most exciting course I’ve ever run. The best parts were running through the color stations, but there were only a handful of those and they lasted about 30 seconds tops. Other than that, it was a lot of mud and grass.


The color stations were placed about every 1/2 mile and each focused on one color. There were about 4-5 volunteers at each station and they would each take a handful of color (aka dyed cornstarch) and throw it on you as you went by. Some were a little more forceful than others (I had one guy really pound me with it).


The powder was crazy to run through. I can understand why they give everyone sunglasses, that stuff can really mess with your eyes. I also had to hold my breath going through each station. It’s not harmful or anything, but it can definitely dry your throat out.

One station had a liquid blaster that resembled a water gun filled with color. The effect wasn’t has vivd as the powder stations, but it was nice not having to worry about holding my breath through the station.


The finish line came up quick… probably because it was only a 2.6 mile run instead of 3.1. Whoops. I’m not sure anyone out there cared that much.


We were handed color bombs on our way to the finish chute, then headed straight to the stage area where the color finish line party was happening.


This was the fun part. It was like one big color dance party!


Finish line


And it wouldn’t be Color Me Rad without a before and after shot!



We stuck around and took photos before heading home.

Overall the Color Me Rad 5K was a fun excuse to get outside and enjoy the beautiful Florida morning with friends. I had so much fun with Amanda and Ashley and can’t wait to do it again!

Have you done Color Me Rad or a color themed race? What did you think?

*Color Me Rad comp’d my race entry. All opinions are my own. 





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