Thursday, March 27, 2014

In Support of Tutus

by Meghann on March 27, 2014

Oh, Self. You missed the mark this month.


Just in case your Facebook feed hasn’t been blowing up like mine, Monica Allen of Glam Runner was asked by Self if they could use a photo of her in an upcoming issue of their magazine. When the issue came out she was shocked to see the photo was being used in a negative light, making fun of her and a friend for sporting a tutu in a race. What Self failed to realize was Monika is a cancer survivor and her tutus raise funds for Girls on the Run through her company Glam Runner. This wasn’t just any tutu she was wearing, this was one that meant something.

Luckily Monika fought back. Her story was picked up by the local news and then went viral. Self later apologized, wishing Monika luck in her future endeavors.

First of all, Glam Runner is an adorable company. Check out their website and order a tutu HERE. Not only do they stand for a great cause, but they have some great stuff.

Second of all, I have to highly disagree with Self and their statement about tutus. If this story has taught us anything it’s not that these “froufrou skirts” simply makes runners feel “faster,” it’s that they make runners feel freer and alive. Tutus are FUN. Putting one on let’s us escape the seriousness of life and be a kid again. They let us laugh at ourselves and hopefully encourage others to smile along the way. Don’t mess with a girl in a tutu, they’re pretty badass!


I’m now inspired more than ever to keep rocking tutus at future races. Monika had the right idea when she rocked that tutu in New York. ┬áSometimes the run isn’t about setting a PR or running the best race ever, sometimes it’s about just enjoying the run, being thankful to be out there, and supporting a great cause.

Have you ever rocked a tutu in a race?

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