Monday, March 17, 2014

Running Shoe Check-In

by Meghann on March 17, 2014

I owe you guys some reviews and follow-ups!

Let’s start with the Brooks PureConnect.

I originally reviewed the PureConnect when they launched in 2012. Since they were a minimalist shoe (and I’d never worn a minimalist shoe before), it took a while to break them in. I slowly worked on building my mileage, opting to run in the PureConnect for shorter runs while still wearing my core running shoe (Brooks Glycerin) for long runs.

After jumping distances too quickly with my first pair of the PureConnect (I wore the PureConnect for the Women’s Running Half Marathon before I was ready), I started back at square one with the PureConnect 2.

I was a bigger fan of the PureConnect 2 than I was of the original PureConnect. The whole fit of the shoe just felt better. The PureConnect was always a narrow fit, but the new single upper and double nav band of the PureConnect 2 gave the shoe a snugger fit over the original. I also appreciated the additional arch support, lightness, and flexibility.

I think I went through 3 or 4 pairs of the PureConnect 2. They were my main running shoe during Ironman Florida training and they’re the shoe that eventually took me across the finish line. After properly training with them through the year, I didn’t have single issue – not even a blister!

Brooks Running released the PureConnect 3 last fall. I started running in them in December.

Brooks PureConnect3

Unfortunately, the fit of the PureConnect 3 is a little wider, which I think might explains why I had some problems with blisters during Best Damn Race last month. If I were to order another pair of the PureConnect, I would order the 2.

Brooks Transcend 

How could we forget the epic launch of the Brooks Transcend at the end of last year?

Brooks’ “shoe of the future” is the ultimate stability shoe with Super DNA (advanced cushioning material provides the ultimate smooth ride that smartly adapts to your every stride) and Guide Rails (specialized plates built into the midsole that revolutionize traditional stability by allowing your hips, knees and joints to move along their unique motion path while you run – all without any traditional posts).

Oh, and they’re pretty. 🙂

First of all, these shoes are amazing, but not for what you might think. I ran 3 miles in them as soon as I got them and wasn’t impressed on the running forefront. They were a little heavy for me and didn’t have that flexibility I crave in a running shoe. However, I’ve since worn them for various activities where I spent all day on my feet and fell in love. Heads-over-heals in love.


These are officially my go-to theme park and expo shoes. They are so comfortable and supportive, that I can easily spend 7-8 hours on my feet and still feel great in them. I can’t recommend these enough for walking, spectating, or waiting in line for your favorite rides.

Brooks PureFlow 3

These babies just arrived two weeks ago.


The PureFlow is just one step above PureConnect in Brook’s PureProject line. It’s a neutral minimalist shoe that’s very lightweight with mild support which allows for an engaged running experience.


I’m still breaking in the PureFlow 3, but really the only negative I have at this point is there isn’t as much arch support as the PureConnect. So far it’s a great shoe. I had an awesome run on Sunday in the PureFlow 3 and look forward to many more.

So, there ya have it. 🙂

What shoe are you currently running in? 

I was sent all of the above shoes as part of the Brooks Ambassador program (minus a couple pairs of PureConnect 2 that I bought on my own). As always, all opinions are my own. 

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