Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Return to XP

by Meghann on February 19, 2014

So I’ve been a bad training buddy lately. Basically I’ve attended ZERO team workouts in 2014.

Last year I saw my XP teammates daily, but just as I decided to take a break from triathlon training (hey, that Ironman took it out of me!), my friends decided to do something crazy…

Like sign up for Ironman Cozumel.


Well, I guess I haven’t been that bad of a training buddy. I mean, I did attend the registration party. Margaritas? Mexican food? Watching my friends faces as they pay an obscene amount of money for a race they’ll be completing 11 months from now? Count me in!


P.S. I’m not doing Ironman Cozumel, but I will be there cheering the group on (with margarita in hand). Viva XP!

So, yeah – they’re hardcore now. Me? Not so much. I’ve been enjoying my relaxed days with light running and CrossFit.

However, I do miss my training buddies, and after being taunted in our group chat, I vowed to attend a team practice this week. Monday morning I woke up with awful period cramps. This may be TMI, but I find it impossible to run the first morning I start my period. I felt like crap, so instead of trying to run I decided to sit on the couch with my heating pad and meet up with the XP crew after work instead.  I packed both my running and swim stuff, not 100% sure what their plan was.

When the text came through with the plan to run after work, I replied to count me in before I even had a chance to back out. I figured we would be working on speed work at the track, which is something I need to do anyway so it worked for me. I thought it would be an hour tops.


Turns out the crew had been “picking up” their training over the last few weeks and were planning a 15k, starting at an 8:00 min/mi pace and only going faster from there. Umm… what? A 15k? At 6:30pm on Monday? I’m not prepared for this. Luckily coach knew this and had called in my buddy Chris to run with me. We were instructed to run a 12k at a steady 9:30 min/mi pace. I could keep that pace, but a 12K after working all day? Gah. Not fun.

Chris and I were given instructions on where to go and followed them to a T (even when we saw the rest of the group head in the opposite direction). Turns out we were given the wrong directions, which explains why the group kept going straight instead of turning left. Whoops.

After working all day, the 12K wasn’t pretty. I was tired, hungry and ready for dinner. I think the longest run I’ve ever done after work has been 4 miles, going 7+ was definitely a new record. I’m a morning runner, not an evening runner. Still, it was fun to run with Chris and I enjoyed getting out there and just running. I left my headphones in the car and Chris and I just played catch up on the run. He recently recovered from the flu, so he was just getting back in the running game.

We finished right on pace and celebrated with a post-run beer. I guess that’s the good thing about evening runs, post-run beers are perfectly acceptable. 😉

I’m not ready to dive completely back in training with XP yet, but it was nice to join my friends for a Monday run. I’ll let it serve as inspiration to join them for a swim (I even bought new goggles for the occasion!). It’s also nice to know that no matter how long I’ve been away (or how badly I’m out of practice), that they’re still there for me – true training friends at their finest!

In the mean time, I think I need to start training for my Ironman Cozumel spectating. 1 margarita, 2 margarita, 3 margarita, FLOOR. 



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