Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My 2nd Stitch Fix

by Meghann on February 11, 2014

My second Stitch Fix is here!


Well, technically it arrived last week, but I needed a few days to sit on it and decide what to keep. Since everyone seemed to enjoy reading about my first experience last month, I thought it would be fun to share this month’s experience, too. It’s always fun to play the game of “did she keep it? or did she send it back?”

1)  Mystree: Bellflower Sleeveless Striped Lace A-Line Dress


I loved the look and feel of the dress. It’s not like anything else I own and seemed perfect for future baby showers I have this spring/summer.  It’s also super comfortable. I do wish the cut and neckline were a little different, as this look isn’t as flattering without a nice cardigan to cover it.


I already wore the dress to work and got a lot of compliments on it.

2)  Kensie Neal Sleeveless Cotton Eyelet A-line Dress


I loved the color immediately. It was bright, vibrant and perfect for spring. However, it’s a little big and isn’t very flattering. I also didn’t like how the two dresses in the fix were similar in cut and fabric.


Since the dresses were so similar, I didn’t want to keep both. I ended up keeping the striped one because I thought it had more styling possibilities.

3)  41Hawthorn: Milano Twist-Front Crew Neck Knit Top


It’s hard to tell in the photo, but it’s a long sleeve back top with two knots on the front. It’s made of a really soft, comfortable fabric that’s very light and perfect for Florida “winters.” However, the knots are a bit awkward and pulled funny across my belly.


In the end the top was just plain boring. I also have way too much black in my closet already.

4)  Just Black: Adorra Skinny Jean

(see photo above!)

When I first saw the long and skinny jeans in the box I was afraid they weren’t going to fit, but they ended up fitting like a glove. The material is slightly stretchy in a very forgiving way. Not going to lie, my butt looked hot.

Unfortunately the pants are cut for someone who is 5’10.




Would I return a pair of pants that make my butt look great because they’re too long? Heck no! I can get these babies hemmed.


Yep, already worn them to work and already obsessed with them. I may wear these everyday this winter.

5)  Bay to Baubles:  Elle Jewel Statement Pendent


It just so happened that the necklace worked with all the outfits above. I really liked the bright colors and chunkiness of the pendent, it really stands out and can work with almost anything.


I need more chunky jewelry, plus I thought it was cute.

So that’s this month’s fix. I kept three and returned two – not bad. I’ve already scheduled my next fix for mid-March and requested fun, flowy tops for spring.

What would you have kept and what would you have returned?

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