Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Day in the Life (1/15/14)

by Meghann on January 15, 2014

There was some requests to do another “Day in the life” post now that I’m not training for Ironman Florida.

Here you go…

5:30am: Alarm goes off. Wait…what? I thought I turned that off. Back to bed.

6:30am: Alarm goes off again. Time to really get up this time.

6:35am: Take Maddie out for her morning walk.


6:45am: Play on Facebook, read Stephanie’s Walt Disney World Marathon recap (<– a must read! great recap)

6:55am: Hope in shower. Wash hair, sing along to Frozen, scare dog while trying to hit high notes…

7:05am: Put Veronica Mars on TV (I’m halfway through the second season – still just as addicting as I remembered it)

7:10am: Make fruit salad for book club tonight


7:20am: Eat pre-made breakfast of overnight oats in a jar


7:30am: Feed Maddie.

7:35am: Make lunch. Clean kitchen.  Quickly pack clothes for post-work activities.

7:44am: Blow dry/ curl hair.  Get dressed.

8:00am: Hubby is up! Remind him I’ll be home late. Give him kiss.

8:05am: Walk out the door. Get in car. Put Frozen soundtrack on for the 10 millionth time this week.



8:10am: Gas light is on. Curse myself for not getting gas last night. Why didn’t I get gas last night?

8:25am: Stop at Wawa. Get gas. Take advantage of 59 cent coffee deal. I mean, since I’m there…

8:40am: Stuck at red light in front of office. So. close. Take bored selfie. Admire hair in bored selfie (who doesn’t love a good hair day?). Debate Instagramming selfie then light changes.


8:45am: Walk in office. Time to start working.

9:00am -12:00pm: Work, work, work,

12:15pm: Lunch time! Grab lunch from fridge and eat with typical lunch crowd.


Today’s eats: leftover Publix sub (I ate the other half last night), edamame, and Seagram White Peach Seltzer (my fave) 

1:00pm: Work, meeting, work

3:45pm: Eat 1/3 of chocolate mint Honey Stinger bar (I have a stash, I like them)

4:00pm: work, work, work

5:15pm: Head to office fitness center for the first time to change clothes. Surprise myself with how nice the fitness center is, why have I never worked out here? Make mental note for next time I need to use a treadmill.

5:30pm: Join new office run club for 3 mile run from the office. Reminded how much I love living in Florida – the views are pretty amazing.


6:00pm: Leave office, battle Tampa traffic

6:30pm: Arrive at Mary’s house for book club. Change from sweaty clothes to comfy clothes.

7:00pm: Enjoy “brinner” with amazing friends. Thankful for amazing friends, especially ones that can cook!


I totally make a doggy bag with leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.


8:00pm: Discuss book I did not read (Sisterland), but still enjoy the conversation and listening to everyone’s opinions.

9:00pm: Give friends big hugs, head home.

9:30pm: Arrive home to hyper dog and nearly sleeping husband.

9:45pm: Make cup of tea, sit down to start writing this post.

10:30pm: Head to bed.

Good night!

How was your day?







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