Thursday, December 5, 2013


by Meghann on December 5, 2013

Hi friends!

I’m on the road for work right now, but wanted to drop in and say HI! (please note I’m two cups of coffee deep, so please excuse the overuse of !!)

I felt like the “Old Meghann” this morning when I opted to get up extra early to try to squeeze a few miles in before my flight. Please note that the “New Meghann” currently chooses sleep over anything else, so this was a big improvement. I finished my 3 miler by 6:15 and had plenty of time to make my flight at 8:40.

Well… maybe not plenty of time. I may or may not have cut it a tad short when I arrived at the airport at 7:50. Luckily Tampa security lines are always non-existent, so I still had time to grab Starbucks before boarding.

We had an extended layover in Denver, which was nice since I got to see this…



I fly into Denver at least once a year and it’s always a nice treat to see snow on the ground. Unfortunately Derek and I do not have any ski trips planned this winter, so this might be my only chance to see snow this year.

We had lunch in the airport and I paid too much $$ for this salad.


$16.. really?

Oh, how I’ve missed life on the road.

I’ll try to check in again over the weekend. I brought my running gear and am really looking forward to getting some running in while I’m in SoCal (and to take advantage of the chilly temps happening this week!).

To continue with this random posts, here’s some odds and ends:

Ironman Video

I totally splurged and paid for my Ironman Florida video on FinisherPix. The video is basically made up of 10 seconds worth of footage from each live feed camera on race day. It’s kind of fun to play “Where’s Meghann?” in each segment.


Why Do You Run Disney?


Are you running a runDisney event in 2014?  Let the world know why you run in a 15-second Instagram video tagged with #WhyIRunDisney and the race you will be running in 2014 (see the list here). runDisney will select one runner for each race, from 5K’s to race weekend Challenges, to be featured in a fully produced runDisney video. If chosen, runDisney will send a crew to your hometown to see what motivates you and capture the magical moments during your race weekend.

I love this promotion because A) I love hearing personal stories from REAL athletes (and not just pro’s or celebrities) and B) who doesn’t want to star in their own little reality show?

Power Beautiful Shirts


CaitlinTinaEmily, KathTheodoraMonicaGinaJulieAnneJanae and I came together to do something good this holiday season.  We partnered with TeeSpring on a shirt design that carries a message to all women reminding us how powerful, beautiful and supported we are by our sisterhood. 100% of profits from our sales will be donated to the Ladies Empowerment and Action Program {LEAP} which works to help incarcerated women make positive life changes through entrepreneurship training, education and mentorship. We hope you’ll purchase a shirt for your girlfriends, sisters and selves to support this message and cause. The shirts $18 and come in 2 styles.


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