December 2013

Holy moly! 2013 is almost over! Can you believe it?

I know I say every year was a big year, but seriously, 2013 was HUGE. So many life changes were squeezed into a tiny 12-month span. It was big year, it was a tough year, but it was also a great year.

Derek and I kicked 2013 off with an amazing group of friends in Tampa. It was probably the best way I’ve celebrated New Years… ever.


Just 5 days later we became husband and wife. January 5, 2013 will forever go down as the best day of my life.


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From there we hopped on an airplane and headed to the Dominican Republic for a week long honeymoon.


In January I also chopped all my hair off and donated 11 inches to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.


(p.s. I received a letter over the summer thanking me for my hair submission and letting me know it was on its way to becoming part of a wig)

Oh, and I bought a tri bike!


In February I ran the Bet Damn Race


Turned 28


Finished Dirty Girl Mud Run


and Officially became Meghann Anderson-Russell

March started with the ZooZoom 5k

Wonderful collage created by Photogrid.jpg

and an escape to the mountains with the XP crew


before starting a 9-5!


That 9-5 took me all over the country and taught me a thing or two about time management. Err.. tried to teach me. I’m pretty sure I more or less just flew by the seat of my pants this year. eh.

Kelly and I earned gigantic (and amazing!) dolphin medals at the Sarasota Half Marathon


I tried to PR at the Strawberry Classic 10K (and failed miserably)


In April, Derek and I made our first big purchase as a married couple and bought a new (to us) car.

Maddie (my baby!) turned 4.


I got my Yelp on at the Yelptucky Derby.

photo booth.jpg

And I ate a LOT of pie at the Great American Pie Festival


I kicked off Ironman training in May with the Rocketman Triathlon (so sad they won’t have one in 2014 – such a cool race!)


Meals and Miles got a little makeover.


Jumping to June, I attended my 10 year high school reunion and felt really old.


Went on a mini getaway thanks to Hilton HHonors


In July I attended the Disney Sports Festival and learned just how cool of a place the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex is.


Raced Top Gun


I traveled A LOT in August for work and managed to have some fun in Seattle with the Malones.


I also went to Disneyland for the first time!!


I wanna go back. Now.

I ran the Disneyland 10k


and the Disneyland Half Marathon.


I celebrated 5 years of blogging in September.


Went well over the time cut off in completing my first century.


Don’t worry, we went a little faster in October.


I indulged at the Food and Wine Festival with my parents.


Started freaking out about my Ironman (starting? pshhh…. I started when I registered!)


At least I had a pretty good distraction during taper – I was a bridesmaid in my college BFF’s wedding.


On November 2nd, I surprised myself and completed something I wasn’t sure was even possible in my wildest of wild dreams: I crossed the finish line at Ironman Florida in 13:05:23. A moment I still tear up about every time I think about it (even as I type this).


If I’m ranking the best days of my life it would go 1. Wedding Day – 2. Ironman. This means two of my favorite days of all time just happened to occur in the last year. I told you 2013 was huge!

A week after crossing the finish line at Ironman Florida, I ran the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.   


I also earned my coast-to-coast medal, something I’d been yearning over for years!


And if November wasn’t big enough, Derek and I headed to Tallahassee for a mini-reunion with my best college friends.


To finish up the last month of the year, Derek and I brought home our first real Christmas tree.


Celebrated the holidays with the XP crew.


Had a very merry Christmas


And wrapped up the year celebrating out first anniversary in the Florida Keys.


From January to December, 2013 was one hell of a year!

Who knows what 2014 will bring, but I have a feeling it’s going to be another great year full of new adventures and amazing possibilities.

Happy New Year!

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