Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Enjoying the break

by Meghann on November 20, 2013

I think Maddie nailed it on the head…


Yep. That’s about how I feel right now too.

I ran for the first time since Wine and Dine Half on Monday. My foot was bothering me after the race so I decided to take a solid week off of any training (minus some light yoga in the morning). My foot felt fine over the weekend, which meant I was giddy as a school girl Sunday night in preparation for my run.

My alarm went off early Monday, I put my running shoes on, and I headed out the door…

I made it approximately 10 feet before I tripped on edge of my driveway and landed palm first on the asphalt. Ouch.


Luckily all I did was scrape my hand, but I was still shaken up from the fall. I ended up cutting a mile off of my short run and haven’t been that excited to run since. It’s amazing what one little fall and one little scrape can do to your confidence.

The truth is I have no motivation to do anything right now and I feel kind of loss. I’m registered for my first Turkey Trot next Thursday (super excited about this), but besides that I have no immediate goals. It’s weird. If I want to sleep in, I can. If I want to skip a workout, the world won’t end. If I want to take a yoga class, I won’t have to skip another workout to do so. Basically, I’m free.

I want to go back to CrossFit, but that would mean having to set my alarm at 5:15 again to make it to class on time. Oh, sleep, how I’ve enjoyed catching up on you. I keep saying, just one more day… just one more day… My new goal is to rejoin after Thanksgiving. I think that’s a good time to shoot for. That’ll give me a solid month off (minus that itty bitty half marathon).

So after a year of nonstop training and working out, I’m enjoying my mini break. Part of me feels antsy to do something, while the other (bigger) part is enjoying the time off. I think I needed this, for both my body and my mind.

I’ll continue to enjoy the next week and a half with a few light runs (mainly with Maddie) and just wait and see what happens after that. For now, sleep is my priority and I have a lot of it to make up!

When’s the last time you took an extended break?

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