Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Mini Reunion Weekend

by Meghann on November 17, 2013

It was a good weekend for football!


Derek and I road tripped it up to Tallahassee this weekend for some FSU football. We hadn’t been to a game together in 4 years (WHAT?!?) and my college girlfriends and I decided to make a mini-reuninion weekend out of it. The fact that we’re currently ranked No. 2 in the country in the country was just icing on the cake. Go Noles!


The gang in 2006. Oh, how we’ve all changed since then!

We arrived late Friday night and headed straight to our old Friday night stomping grounds – Bullwinkles.


Man, nothing had changed. The bar was still PACKED and I swear the same bartenders were still there turning the same drinks. I forgot how cheap college bars are. $10 cover for all you can drink (and they don’t go lightly on the pours either). Derek got tired of waiting in line to refill the tiny cup so he paid an extra $6 for a “big gulp” cup. He swore that cup was all Jack, with just a splash of coke. Even better, the “big gulp” had free refills! I miss college.


We were all so proud that we made it to 1:30 before calling it a night. I’m sure the “pre-gaming” cups of Starbucks helped. 😉

And in true college tradition we stopped at What-a-Burger on the way home and killed two large fries in the car. I have no idea why I carried around an extra twenty pounds in college… do you?

Saturday was game day and we kicked the tailgating party off right with mimosas.

IMG_2129.jpg IMG_2137.jpg

We’re classy tailgaters now.



IMG_2147.jpg IMG_2153.jpg


The best part about game days is you never know who you’re going to run into. We had to drive 4 hours north to see our good friend Nate and Callie… who live an hour south of us.

IMG_2160.jpg IMG_2161.jpg

Is the Mini Athlete not the cutest little FSU fan you’ve ever seen?! He was here to see Jameis and he made sure to let everyone know that.


It was an amazing day for football – not too hot, not too cold, and just the right amount of Florida humidity. I miss Tallahassee falls!








I posted a photo to my Instagram account and not even 2 minutes later I got a text from my friend Jackie telling me to look right. Sure enough, there she was standing a couple of sections down, waving her arms like a crazy woman.


The bright orange shirt was a also a giveaway. I’m sorry Jackie, but this wasn’t Syracuse’s game. Can we still be friends?


I attended FSU towards the end of the Bobby Bowden era. We always had a winning season, but we definitely weren’t scoring the points we are now. This may have been the highest scoring FSU game I’d ever been too. I’d never sang the FSU fight song so many times in one game. It was admittedly really fun to watch my beloved Noles kick so much booty in one game.


We left with 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter so we missed the field goal Syracuse made to get some points on the board. Still, I’ll take the 59-3 score any day of the week.



There was talk about going out after the game, but even a Venti coffee couldn’t keep my eyes open. We were all in bed at 9:00pm and totally okay with that.

Sunday morning we had one final breakfast with our friend Jordan who unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the game yesterday.


Jordan was the first of the group to get married and now she’s expecting the first baby! It’s crazy that our next reunion we’ll have little babies roaming around.

It was sad to say good bye, but we’re already promising not to let another 5 years go by before we’re all together again. It was such a fun weekend and I can’t wait to do it again!

When’s the last time you visited your old college stomping grounds?

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