Saturday, October 26, 2013

Maddie’s Perfect Day

by Meghann on October 26, 2013

I think if you were to ask Maddie what her perfect day looks like, she would probably describe today to a T. Derek and I had a rare free weekend this weekend (the calm before the storm, right?) and basically made it our mission to spoil Maddie as much as possible before we drop her off at doggie camp on Thursday. I’m pretty sure she’s been in puppy bliss all day.

Our day started with a GORGEOUS trip to the beach.


Floridians pretty much freak anytime the temperature drops below 78 (myself included), so we basically had the beach to ourselves at 10:00am when it was a cool 68 outside. There may have been a slight chill in the shade, but it was PERFECT in the sun. It was actually refreshing to be able to relax in my beach chair and not be covered in sticky sweat. I love the beach in October – love, love, LOVE.


Maddie loves it, too. Without any large dogs around, she basically pranced around like she owned the place.



She even dragged me to the water. My little girl – who once would barely stick her paw in the water – was dragging ME to come play. I was afraid the water would be cold, but it felt great. It actually made me feel good about Panama City next week, I’m guessing the water is going to feel the same.



We left the beach around 12:30 and headed to downtown Dunedin for lunch. It was the perfect weather to dine outside and soak in the small town’s downtown charm. Derek and I ordered sandwiches, while Maddie got herself a big bowl of water and a couple of scrambled eggs.


Eggs are pretty much Maddie’s favorite meal on earth and she knows she’ll usually get a small plate of them when she behaves at restaurants.

After lunch we walked across the street for ice cream and Maddie got her very own doggie cone, complete with a Mini Milkbone topping.


I think, after eggs, ice cream is Maddie’s second favorite thing on earth. 😉

We made it home just in time to watch FSU kick some serious NC State butt (GO NOLES!!) and Maddie spent the rest of afternoon napping.


You can probably move napping to one of her ultimate favorite things of all time.

Yep, a perfect Maddie day. It was a perfect day for me, too. It was relaxing, non-sstressful, and I didn’t spend 8 hours on a bike – winning! I did run a great 6 miles before we left and have an easy 30 mile ride on tap for tomorrow. Race day is officially a week away and I couldn’t be more excited about it! 🙂

What would be your pet’s perfect day?

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