Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day in the Life: September 17, 2013

by Meghann on September 18, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Day in the Life” post. I’m still going to try do them once a month, August just got a little crazy. Here’s what yesterday looked like in my world:

5:00am: Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.

5:05am: Beep. Beep. Ugh. Again. Time to really get up.

5:06am: Take Maddie out. Let her do her thing.

5:10am: Change into tri-shorts and top, fill water bottle, and eat part of a Clif bar.

5:20am: Hop on bike trainer. Begin Week 18 workout while watching Season 7 of Army Wives on NetFlix via my iPad.


(eh. it’s a garage. garages are supposed to be messy, right?)

6:30am: Finish trainer workout. Try not to fall when getting off of bike.

6:35am: Change shoes, grab Maddie, and leave for 20 minute run. Maddie practically does flips in excitement, this is her favorite part of the week.

6:55am: Return home. Hop in shower.

7:10am: Spend 5 minutes too long trying to figure out what to wear for work. Grab pair of pants that need to be ironed. Waste 5 minutes trying to iron them on top of the washing machine. Give up and wear half-ironed pants to work. (Confirm once again I really have no patience to “properly” iron clothes).

7:20am: Prepare coffee, lunch bag and swim bag.

7:30am: Gather dinner supplies and write out recipe for Derek to start in the crock pot when he’s home during lunch. (we’re having chicken tortilla soup)

7:40am: Make breakfast. (Chobani yogurt, granola, walnuts, peach, and raspberries <- just realized I don’t have a photo!)

7:50am: Feed Maddie.

8:00am: Leave for work with coffee in hand.


8:15am: Curse Tampa traffic.

8:30am: Arrive at work and begin the work day.

10:00am: Mid-morning snack of hard boiled eggs.


12:20pm: Eat lunch at desk.


(leftover meatloaf, cucumber slices, Triscuits, cheese stick, and La Croix – talk about random!)

3:00pm: Apple and almond butter snack.


4:00pm: Nibble on peanut butter cookie co-worker brought from McAllisters.


6:00pm: Leave work in rain. Cross fingers swim practice isn’t cancelled.

6:20pm: Arrive at pool. Still raining, but pool is open. Yippee!


6:30pm: Start swim practice.

  • 300 warm up
  • 8 x 25 accelerations
  • 5 x 300 @ 6:00
  • 50 easy
  • 4 x 100 @ 2:00
  • 50 cool down

7:00pm: Still raining. Stop every time whistle is blown. Positive they’re going to kick us out of the pool, but it doesn’t happen.

7:35pm: Finish practice. Remain amazed that it rained, but no thunder or lightning – definitely not normal in Florida.

7:45pm: Drive home. Call Derek and let him know to shred the chicken in the crock pot. Call Mom and Dad and play catch up from the weekend (My dad was my brother’s kayak support for a 2 mile swim he did over the weekend, how cool is that?)

8:10pm: Arrive home. House smells AMAZING. Quickly shower and change into pajamas.

8:25pm: Take bowl of chicken tortilla soup from Derek and generously add extra cilantro and cheese.


8:50pm: Prepare swim bag, breakfast, and lunch for the morning.

9:10pm: Snuggle on couch and watch Meet the Parents. Decide to ignore the computer for the night.

10:00pm: Realize I’ve fallen asleep when Derek starts to carry me to bed.

10:05pm: Force myself out of bed to wash my face and brush my teeth.

10:15pm: Hit the pillow hard.

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