Monday, August 26, 2013

#TeamSparkle at Disneyland

by Meghann on August 26, 2013

Guess where I’m going this weekend?!



Woo hoo!!!

Despite practically growing up at Walt Disney World, I’ve never been to Disneyland! I’m SOOOOO excited!!

Even better, I’ll be heading there for my first RunDisney event on the west coast: RunDisney’s Dumbo Double Dare.


RunDisney’s Dumbo Double Dare consists of the 10k on Saturday and Disneyland Half Marathon on Sunday. One weekend, two races, three medals. Awesome.

Four Medals.JPG

I can’t wait to add those bad boys to my collection.

I’m really excited about these races because RunDisney races are just plain fun. They’re fun on the east coast and I know they’ll be even more fun on the west coast, especially since I’ll be exploring areas I’ve never seen before. I’m not looking to set any PRs while I’m out there, I’m planning on taking my camera and just enjoying the run.

And what would a RunDisney race be without a costume (or two)? Thanks to Sparkle Athletics I’m all set to run as two of my favorite characters this weekend.


Who didn’t grow up singing Part of Your World while flapping your legs in the pool as if you had a mermaid tail? No? Just me? Okay.

Little Mermaid was the first Disney movie I remember seeing in the movie theater. It actually came out the same month my little brother (who is now 23, almost 24) was born. While my mom was taking care of baby Ben at home, my dad took my sister, brother, and I to the movie theater to see the new movie. It was love at first flip and Aerial has remained one of my favorite Disney characters ever since (tied right up there with Belle). I really wanted to do a race as her and thought the green sparkle skirt would be the perfect makeshift green tail for the occasion.


The purple sports bra is my attempt at replicating her purple seashell top and the red ribbon will give the illusion of Ariel’s red locks (sort of? maybe?).

For the big race on Sunday, I wanted to dress up as a classic character. You’ll never guess who that is.


As soon as I saw the red and white polka dot sparkle skirt, I knew I HAD to run as Minnie. The matching arm sleeves were just icing on the cake. I’m still missing the Minnie ears (I plan to pick them up once I arrive in Disney), but I’m really happy with how EASY this costume was to put together.

So that’s my costume game plan for the weekend. If you’re looking for some RunDisney costume inspiration, check out the Sparkle Athletics Costume Guide. It’s LOADED with awesome costume ideas. Also, if you’re heading to the Disneyland expo this weekend, be sure to check Sparkle Athletics at the race expo. Not only do their sparkle skirts make a fun addition to any costume, but they’re also light and airy and perfect to race in.


Just a splash of sparkle!

Are you racing this weekend? Are you racing in costume? If so, what are you racing as?!

*RunDisney is covering my race expenses for the weekend. All opinions are my own.

**Spark Athletics provided me with two skirts to review. All opinions are my own.

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