Friday, August 9, 2013

60 Miles

by Meghann on August 9, 2013

I have a new PDR! I rode 60 miles on the bike today! Woo hoo!

Never mind that’s still only a little more than half of what I have to do in November, but hey, it’s a start!

I set out today with a goal of four hours on my bike. I set my alarm for 6:15 and made my favorite yogurt pancakes with walnuts, almond butter, and strawberries before heading out. I love these pancakes, they’re so filling and keep me feeling energized for all my bike rides. We’re staying at a condo for the IM and these pancakes will definitely be a pre-race requirement on race morning.

Wake up –> pancakes –> prep water bottles –> load car

I made it to the trailhead around 8 and was thankful for picture perfect blue skies. I’ve encountered rain on my last few long bike rides and lucked out without any today. However, I didn’t get as lucky with the wind. I had a horrible headwind for the first 15 miles. Blah.

I find long rides are easier when I break them up a bit, so my first goal was to make it to 15. At 15 I stopped and had a Clif Fruit Rope.


A random grab when I was at the grocery store last week. It was pretty tasty and fit easily in my back pocket.

Once I passed mile 25 on the trail I was officially in new territory on the trail and exploring parts I’d never seen before. For instance, I had not idea my super flat trail eventually does get hilly the deeper you go into it. Good. I really needed some hill training anyway.


I stopped again when I made it to mile 30 and took a little breather. The sun was out and it was HOT. It was nice to have some shade. I also ate a Luna bar.


I favor my right water bottle on my back cage when I ride. It’s easier to grab the right bottle over the left one for whatever reason, so I always switch them when I stop at the halfway mark to give them both some love (plus my right bottle was empty).

The back bottles were filled with Gatorade and the new right bottle (former left) also had a packet of Endurance Gatorade Gatorlytes.


“Gatorlytes” is a electrolyte powder blend specifically formulated for cramp-prone athletes. My sister had used salt capsules for the first time on her last long ride and raved about how much of a difference they made with her energy levels. Since Gatorade had sent the Gatorlytes a few weeks ago I thought I would try them to see if they had the same effect as the salt capsules had with Kelly. I do have problems with cramping a little when I get off the bike and was hoping this would help.

The directions were simple, add one packet to a 20 oz bottle of Gatorade.


I had a 24-oz bottle that I added the packet to before I left. The packet wasn’t really much of a powder, it resembled salt more than anything else. I gave it a good shake then packed it for the ride without tasting it.


I had my first sip of the water bottle with the added Gatorlytes after my turn around. It tasted like salty Gatorade. I’m pretty sure all I did was add salt to my Gatorade. The first couple of sips definitely threw me off. The salty flavor was pretty overpowering. However, I did eventually grow used to it. I did stop at the water stop at mile 7 to add more water to my bottle to dilute it just a tad. I know it says that one packet is good for a 20 oz bottle, but I think I would have better luck dividing the single packet over two bottles. You know, spreading the salt out a bit.

On a plus side, I really think the added salt helped. My energy levels never dipped and I felt pretty good the remainder of the right. I had my final stop at mile 7 to refill my bottles and suck on a PowerBar Energy Fruit Blend.


According to my pace I would be back at the trailhead around 1:00. Since I had to be back at my house at 2:00 (and it’s a good 30 minute drive from the trailhead) I was really debating whether I should run or not. I was throwing out every excuse there was to get out of the run (too hot, I want real food, I’m going to miss the repair guy at 2:00, etc), but in the end I decided to go for it and just run. It was just 2 miles – 20 minutes top! – i knew I would only be hurting myself if I didn’t run.

So I got back to my car, changed my shoes, grabbed the rest of my salty Gatorade from my bike, and took off.


Minus the horrible sun and heat, my run wasn’t bad, especially considering I was just on the bike for four hours. My legs were ready to move and easily kept a sub-9:00 minute pace. If I had the time, I could have easily gone a little farther. Turns out the salty Gatorade really did make a difference. Rock on.

BIke – done.

Run – done.

Time to head home and eat!

I had some leftover pork in the fridge I had been fantasizing about the entire second half of my ride. When I got home I made a naan pizza with the pork, bbq sauce, leftover roasted broccoli, and goat cheese.


Seriously amazing. Totally hit the spot.

Overall I was really happy with my brick today. Not the fastest time ever, but I never felt burnt out and didn’t cramp. Win-win.

However, I did end up with one temporary souvenir…


I have shorts tan lines too. Eh. What can ya do.

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