Monday, August 5, 2013

Ironman Training: Week 11

by Meghann on August 5, 2013

Helllllooooo out there!

I’m back from Syracuse! What a gorgeous area to have a race at. We really lucked out with weather while we there too. We had highs in the 70s everyday and it was actually cool enough to break out a light sweater each night. Love! It was almost depressing to return to high humidity and 90 degree temps.

My training was all over the place this week. I tried to front load swimming and cycling on the front end since I knew I wouldn’t have the ability to do either while traveling, then concentrated on running while I was in Syracuse. My time was crunched and I did the best I could. Unfortunately my phone ate most of my photos while I was there so I do not have any training pictures this week.


AM: 60 min Bike Trainer

My first of three rides on the trainer this week. I followed the workout from my training plan and felt good.

PM: 2000 yd Swim

Beautiful evening for a swim. I lost count of yardage so I’m guesstimating. We did some speed drills and paddle work.


AM: 2000 yd Swim

Again, can’t remember the swim workout. We worked on more speed drills and I actually managed to keep up with one of my training partners for our 50 meter sprints. I could feel the difference in my form with back-to-back workouts, it’s like all of the stuff I learned the day before was still there. Unfortunately this was my last swim for the week and I’m a little scared I’ll be back to square one when I return to the pool tomorrow.

PM: 60 min Bike Trainer

I didn’t have a plan – I just rode and tried to fit some time in on the bike


AM: 30 min Bike Trainer

Early morning sprints.

AM: 30 min Run

Straight from the bike to a run.


PM: 4.5 mile run

We made it to Syracuse around lunch time. After checking out the venue and checking into our hotel, I headed to the hotel gym for an afternoon run. It was my first time on a treadmill in months and I forgot how boring it is.


AM: 4.5 mile run

Squeezed in another run on the treadmill before work. We were staying off of a highway and I wasn’t sure how the surrounding area was for running. I did receive a few recommendations on where to run in Syracuse, but I didn’t have access to my own car to explore. bummer.


AM: 4.5 mile run

Another treadmill run. I recently became addicted to Dance Academy on NetFlix and took advantage of my time on the treadmill to get a couple of episodes in. I also made the most of it with ladder sprints.



Sundays are always impossible for me. I’m up early, asleep early, and usually sore from being on my feet all day.

Weekly Totals:

Workouts: 11

Miles: 57

Time: 6 hours 57 minutes

Not bad considering I was traveling for work over the weekend. I’m still week on/week off, so I’ll have a big training week this week and have another light week for traveling after that.

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