Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Day in the Life: Race Day

by Meghann on July 27, 2013

3:46am: WAKE-UP!


  • Take Maddie outside. Wave to neighbor who is still up from the night before.
  • Get dressed
  • Finish loading bag.

4:00am: Gently wake the husband up. You know a man loves you when they’re willing to wake up at 4:00am to come cheer you on.

4:05am: Make oatmeal and coffee. I went with a simple bowl of rolled oats, raisins, cinnamon, fresh cherries, and a scoop of almond butter. Also, way too hot for hot coffee so iced coffee it is!


4:15am: Post obligatory “It’s race day photo!” to Instagram.

  Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 8.58.13 PM.png

4:30am: Head out the door 10 minutes over scheduled departure time. Text Sarah that we’re running late.

4:55am: Pick Sarah up from her apartment. Work a little bike jigsaw magic to make both of our bikes fit in the back.

5:00am: Start drive to Ft. DeSoto Park.

5:30am: Arrive at Ft. DeSoto Park. Have to pee so bad I’m attempted to go in the parking (damn, coffee!), but decide to wait until I find a porta potty.

5:35am: Realize the only porta potties are in transition and I need to pick up my packet to get inside.

5:40am: Grab packet.

5:45am: Body marked.

5:50am: Finally make way into transition thinking the bushes in the parking lot are still look pretty tempting.


5:52am: Rack bike, throw stuff underneath bike, make a dash to the nearest porta potty line.

6:00am: Start doing potty dance.

6:05am: Curse people ahead of me in line. Wondering what the heck everyone is doing in the porta potty that’s making the line go so slow.

6:10am: Still doing potty dance.

6:15am: FINALLY! I make a mad dash inside and scream hallelujah. Door doesn’t lock, but who needs a lock with a line that deep letting people know it’s occupied?

6:16am: Porta potty door swings open and a girl who didn’t see the line stares back at me. eh.

6:18am: Head to my rack and start setting up. I’m rack buddies with 3 friends, an unexpected treat.


6:30am: Leave transition and head to the beach. Water looks rough, but at least it’s a short swim (only 400 meters).


6:45am: Partake in casual people watching. I wish I would have snapped a photo of the father/son duo with matching black speedos with red skulls on the crotches. That was a sight to see.

IMG_1247.JPG IMG_1248.JPG

7:00am: First wave goes off, we start slowly making our way to the start line.

7:10am: We line up with the light blue caps. Here goes nothing!

7:12am: It’s go time!!

Swim thoughts:

  • Man, I need to learn to dolphin dive, I’m wasting so much time walking in these waves.
  • Holy crap there’s a lot of people around me. Is that girl backstroking? Is she crazy?
  • This first turn is tricky. Girls are every where!
  • So much better on the straight away. I’ve only got three buoys until the turn.
  • Well, that buoy came up fast. Two more to go!
  • Oh, I see pink caps. I think I caught up to the group ahead of us.
  • I see the next buoy. This swim isn’t so bad.
  • My Garmin! I left it in my bag! looks like I’m riding and running blind!
  • Alright, final buoy. I can practically ride the current in.
  • Don’t get up until you touch the bottom. Don’t get up until you touch the bottom.
  • And I’m up. TIme to run.  


7:20am: Exit water at 08:14. Bam! Fastest 400 swim yet! Start run to transition.


7:21am: Catch up with Sarah heading into transition. We both dunk our feet in the baby pool and grab cups of water before entering.

7:24am: Wave goodbye to Sarah. Leave transition at 04:22 (minus my sunglasses, I forgot them at home 🙁 )

7:30am: I Hear “On your left, Meghann” and see Sarah’s smiling face as she passes. Darn. She’s a faster rider than she gives herself credit for.

7:35am: It’s weird not knowing my pace. I’m riding blind! I still feel really good and it’s nice going by feeling instead of determining my speed by a watch.

7:40ish am: Hit the turn around point. See Meghan and Sarah. Both girls look strong!

7:50ish am: Where did this headwind come from?! Thank goodness we’re almost done!

7:52ish am: Ride by Derek at transition and smile and wave at him. Just one more mile to go!


7:55ish am: Finish looping back around and make my way back to transition.


Time on bike: 31:23 for an average pace of 19.1 mph. <– holy moly! personal record!!!

7:58am: Rack my bike and do a quick shoe change before heading our of transition. T2: 3:04


8:05am: Say hi to Tori on the run.

8:10am: Water break! I always walk through the water stations at triathlons.

8:15am: Reach the halfway point and make a right onto the sand. WTF? I didn’t know there was sand on this race.

8:16am: Feeling good. See Sarah on the run and make it a goal to catch up to her.

8:20am: Hi Sarah!

8:24am: I see the finish line, but I have nothing left in me to sprint. I take my time and finish with a smile on my face.


Final run: 26:08


Final time: 1:13:14 AG: 14/30

8:26am: Watch Sarah finish. Go Sarah!


8:30am: Have a Rita’s Italian Ice and wait for transition to open.


9:15am: Transition finally reopens. We grab our stuff and get the heck out of dodge.


9:40am: Stop at St. Pete Bagel Co for food.

9:45am: Split a donut with Derek.


9:47am: Devour egg, ham, and cheese everything bagel.


10:30am: Drop Sarah off at home.

11:00am: Arrive home, hop right in shower.

11:15am: Pack overnight bag for the night.

11:40am: Leave for Titusville for the night.


1:20pm: Arrive in Titusville

1:22pm: Meet Spaught, my parents’ new boxer puppy. What a cutie!


2:00pm: Watch Trouble With the Curve on HBO. (great movie!)

2:10pm: Eat leftover vegetable pizza

4:00pm: Meet parents at Sunrise Bakery for ice cream cookie sandwiches. Reunite with my twin brother who’s in town for a long weekend.


4:05pm: Split chocolate chip cookie sandwich with vanilla ice cream with Derek.


4:30pm: Sit at kitchen table and reminisce with siblings.

6:00pm: Play Monopoly for the first time in 10 years.


7:30pm: Dad serves dinner, a delicious spread of pork butt, broccoli and cauliflower au gratin, honey parsnips, and roasted mushrooms


8:30pm: Break out leftover wedding sparklers and have an impromptu sparkler party in the front yard.


9:00pm: Watch Admissions on demand.

9:05pm: Write this blog post

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