Saturday, July 13, 2013

Brick Sisters

by Meghann on July 13, 2013

If Floridians stayed in every time the forecast called for rain, we would never go anywhere!

The forecast called for rain today (What am I saying? It’s summer! The forecast always calls for rain), but my sister and I decided to take a chance anyway and met up at the trail head that’s halfway between us.

We lucked out with GORGEOUS bright blue skies that, thankfully, stuck around for our entire ride.


We had 50 miles on deck with a post-ride 2 mile run to follow. I was so thankful Kelly was able to meet up, I know I should be doing a good amount of long rides on my own, but man it’s nice to have someone to talk to every once in while!


The ride was simple: 25 miles out and 25 mile back. It was a really flat, well shaded trail that had a nice tailwind for the way out and a mild headwind on the way back. Kelly and I spent the entire 50 mile ride chatting. I hadn’t seen my sister in a month, so it was nice to play some much needed catch-up. Kelly just returned from a two week Mediterranean cruise (so jealous!), recently got a new job, and is currently house hunting. Man, a lot can change in a month!


Neither of us felt any need to push the pace (we’re both following the same plan and it says to keep it easy for the long rides and long runs during this phase) so we kind of went with the flow. We ended up averaging 15.1 mph. Not a bad ride if you ask me.



On my bike, I carried two bottles of Gatorade (the 20oz Polar bottles on the back) and one bottle of water (the 20z Camebak in the middle).


I finished all three bottles on the ride and, for once, felt great when it was time to run. I actually made an effort this ride to continually drink and the effort definitely paid off.

I also had two packs of the Gatorade Endurance Carb Energy Chews (they sent me a box to try)


I thought they were tasty. I liked how the pack was easy to open while I was on my bike. Only the top ripped so I could push them out one at a time when I needed them and didn’t have to worry about losing the whole pack in the process. They also dissolved in my mouth and weren’t obsessively chewy.

And a Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif Bar.


I ate 1/2 at the 1/2 way mark and another 1/4 at mile 35 and the last 1/4 at mile 45.

As soon as were done with our ride, Kelly and I dropped out bikes at the cars and traded in our cycling shoes for running shoes.


By this point (it was 12:30!) the heat was close to unbearable. It was HOT, HOT, HOT and the humidity wasn’t doing us any favors. Blah.

We decided to break the run up into 2:30 of running and :30 of walking. This is the same run/walk plan we’ve stuck to for our HIMs and plan to do for Ironman Florida in November. I’m a huge fan of planned walking breaks when it comes to endurance triathlons, especially when it’s so HOT.


2 miles in 19:58.


I said good-bye to my sister and headed to Starbucks to claim my favorite treat (well, after I first stopped at Publix and got a sub – yum!).


My first time trying the Hazelnut flavor. It was amazing and tasted sooooo good after the long ride.

Now that my long ride is done for the week, all I have left is my long run.

10 miles or bust in the morning!!

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