Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ironman Training Week #7

by Meghann on July 7, 2013

Happy Sunday!!

I can’t believe the weekend is almost over! It’s amazing how fast a 5-day weekend flies by. It was a nice break from the regular routine and I enjoyed every minute of it! My training schedule enjoyed the extra free time as well. Despite a crazy amount of rain, I was still able to get some great workouts in this week.


AM: 60 Bike Trainer

This week’s workout had a good amount of speed intervals.

PM: 15 min Run


AM: 4.25 mile Run

I was on my way to swim practice on Tuesday when I had to turn around due to lightning. Instead of risking getting locked out of the pool, I put my running shoes on and did a loop around the neighborhood instead.

PM: 3200 yd Swim

Luckily the rained stayed away in the evening and we were able to get a killer swim in after work. The pool was fairly empty so we had some room to spread out and practice our butterfly stroke a bit.

  • Warm up: 650
  • IM: 100
  • Fly/Back/Free: 75
  • Fly: 50
  • Hard: 100
  • Easy:100
  • IM: 100
  • Fly/Back/Free: 75
  • Fly: 50
  • Hard: 100
  • Easy:100
  • 15×100 full kit: 1500
  • Cool down: 200


AM: CrossFit

My box found a new home! They moved to a bigger, roomier space about 2 more miles down the road.


It’s still slightly under-construction, but classes were able to start this week. There’s so much more SPACE! It was nice to spread out for Wednesday’s WOD.

PM: 600 yd Swim

It was bright and sunny when I left my house around 2:00. Unfortunately it looked like this when I arrived at the pool.


Man, those clouds move fast.

There wasn’t a ton of rain, but the pool was closed due to lightning and thunder. I ended up waiting just over an hour for the pool to reopen. It still looked pretty nasty at that point, but I had already waited for so long that I decided to dive in anyway (with the expectation I would be kicked out almost as soon as I jumped in).

I got just about 600 yds in before the lifeguards did end up kicking me out. Darn. Somewhere in there my friend Heather had showed up and got just about 4 laps in. We were both very sad to be missing out on our swim.



AM: Track Run

1ish mile warm-up to the track

6x800s w/ :50 rest

1ish mile cool down home

PM: A different kind of pool time


Fourth of July was a good excuse to spend some time at the pool without a swim cap on for once. 😉



AM: 3 hr Bike Ride

I lucked out with beautiful sunny skies for my long bike ride this week. I went just about 46 miles in the 3 hours I had on the calendar. It was a little windy, but overall a pretty decent ride.


You need a lot of Gatorade/water for a long bike ride!

AM: 2 mile Run

I hopped ride off of the bike and into my running shoes. It’s crazy how long 2 miles feels when you’ve just rode your bike bike for 3 hours, can’t imagine what 26.2 miles will feel after a 7 hour bike ride.



AM: 9 mile Run

I mixed it up and headed to a running trail I haven’t been to in a while. The trail was BUSY, but it was nice not to be alone out there.

I also had a chance to test my new handheld Camelbak Arc Quick Grip water bottle.


I had to refill it three times during the 9 mile run (it was HOT out there!), but overall I loved how easy it was to carry. It didn’t weigh my arm down and it fit perfectly in the palm of my hand.

PM: Emily’s Wedding Shower and Bachelorette Party

Derek and I headed to Orlando on Saturday for our friends’ wedding shower and bachelorette/bachelor parties.


Emily was the one who introduced Derek and I way back in 2005! She was one of my bridesmaids in January and now I get to be one of her’s in October.

After a long week of training it was fun to cut loose at the pink-themed bachelorette party.


We had a blast!



Yep, totally slept-in until 8:30. It. Was. Awesome.

Weekly Totals:

Miles: 85

Time: 9 hours 42 minutes

Workouts: 10

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