Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dodging Lightning

by Meghann on July 3, 2013

Welcome to summer, Florida!


Rain, Rain Go Away

We’re used to the afternoon thunderstorms that usually last an hour and leave, but this non-stop rain is really cramping my training mojo. Not to mention it just feels gross outside. Blah.

I was packing my car for swim practice on Tuesday morning when I thought I saw some lightning in the distance. I chose to ignore it and start my drive anyway. It was when I saw the second instance of lightning about 5 minutes from my house I got nervous. I could either continue the 20 minute drive and risk the pool being closed due to lightning or I could turn around and squeeze in a run at home. I pulled over to send a group text to see what the rest of my team’s thoughts were. There was a lot of back and forth, but after another teammate saw some lightning we decided to call off practice for the morning and try again that afternoon. Works for me.

I turned around and did a quick change before heading out on a 4 mile run. The run was relatively dry, minus the last 100 or so yards when it started to pour out of nowhere. I never saw any lightning on my run, but I knew the pool would be closed 20 minutes after the last strike and who knows what time they would have reopened or if we would have even of had enough time to fit in a decent practice.

It rained on and off for the rest of the day, but nothing heavy or scary. I left my office after work with crossed fingers the dark clouds would stay away and the pool would be open.

I was greeted with this when I arrived at 5:50.

Luckily that was the last instance of thunder or lightning for the day. The pool re-opened at 5:56 on the dot and the dark scary clouds stayed away. Thanks to all the rain, the water felt great. The rain cooled the pool down and none of us were overheating in the water. For that, I thank the rain immensely.

Our coach kicked our butt in the water yesterday. We started with an 8 minute warm-up (I did 650 yds, but I was there a little early so I was able to get a couple hundred of yards in before the start), then went right into IM drills: 25 butterfly, 25 back stroke, 25 breast, 25 freestyle. Then he took the breast away, then the back, and finally gave us a 50 butterfly. After I was dying from the butterfly (that stroke wears me out like nothing else!), he announced we were doing 100 hard. So about 15 minutes into practice I was already breathing hard and dying. Then we repeated the same set. Of course.

When we were done with that, he announced we were doing 20x100s with full pull kit (paddle, pull buoy, and band on feet). Well, the fast kids were doing 20, the slow kids (my buddy Chris and I) were doing 15. I HATE paddles with a passion. I hate them because my pull sucks and I’m not able to use my strength (my kick) to carry me through. I know they’re good for me because I need to work on getting my pull stronger, but holy crap ,I hate it. I was about 10 in when I was on the verge of tears. Chris switched paddles with me and the variety helped, but I still felt like crap out there.

We ended up doing about 3200 yds and my ass felt thoroughly kicked at the end. That was one tough swim.

I have the rest of the week off and can’t wait to take advantage of all the free time to fit Ironman training in! Hopefully the weather will play nice at least long enough to fit in a long bike ride, run, and more swims. Fingers crossed!

I had a special delivery from Gatorade yesterday.


Gatorade sent a mini fridge FULL of product from their recently re-branded Endurance line.


The fridge was overflowing with Gatorade bottles, chews, powder, “Gatorlytes,” and carb energy drinks.


I’m officially stocked for Ironman training!


I’ll do individual reviews of the products as I use them. I’m really excited because I’m a Gatorade girl through and through when it comes to sports drinks. I’ll tolerate other sports drinks, but Gatorade is always my number one choice.

What’s your favorite sports drink?

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