Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thoughts From My Day

by Meghann on June 26, 2013

1. I can’t get Swim Bike Mom’s Ironman Coeur d’ Alene recap out of my head. She didn’t sugar coat anything about the race, writing about every gory detail (including “swim, bike, toot”). I could have been scared off by the kicks and head bangs at the swim start, I could have been scared by the forever long bike ride and possibility of ending up with unbearable sand in my bike shorts, and I could be scared off by the run and just how close she cut it with the marathon, but I’m not. Instead it was a great reminder as I continue to fight my way through Ironman training that come November it will all be worth it. Once I got to the emotional finish she had, that’s all I could think about. I want that finish. I want that feeling of accomplishment. I want to be called an Ironman.

A big CONGRATS to Swim, Bike, Mom for finishing her first Ironman. Wow. Just, wow.


(Swim Bike Mom)

2. I was all set to write a review about a new restaurant I tried with my co-workers today. It had such potential – it was in a great location, cute decor, and yummy sounding menu. However, it all stopped there. It took forever to get our food, it all came out at different times, and the center portion of my hot pressed cuban was cold. It was also overly priced for what you got. Blah. I hate it when a place falls short like that. Not cool.

3. Swim practice was cancelled tonight because of lightning and thunder. There once was a time when I would use it as an excuse not to return to the pool for the rest of the week. Today I didn’t even think twice about planning to meet tomorrow for swim instead. I have no idea where this new committed self is coming from (inspiration from Swim Bike Mom, perhaps?), but I wish I could find a way to bottle it up and sell it.

4. DOMA was struck down. Love is love, people! This is awesome news!

5. I hate doing laundry. Especially on a weeknight. Stupid towels.

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