Monday, May 27, 2013

Long Weekend

by Meghann on May 27, 2013

Three cheers for long weekends!

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My original plan of spending the entire weekend with my husband doing absolutely nothing was a complete success. I feel so relaxed and renewed, ready to tackle on another week.

Friday night Derek was craving pho, so we headed to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. I opted out of pho this time and decided to order something a little different and tried the pork, shrimp, and egg roll bowl. I actually ordered it based off of the photo in the menu and am happy to report it was as tasty as the picture led it me to believe it was.


So happy I branched of my normal order and tried something different. The bowl was good and I would definitely order it again.

After dinner we stopped for chocolate dipped cones at Bo’s and walked around the block. It was the perfect way to end the beautiful summer evening.


Saturday started with blueberry pancakes and errands. This was our first free weekend in a while and we had several errands that needed to get done. To save time and $$, we created a list of what we needed before we left and stuck with it. There was no wandering aimlessly around Target or BJ’s filling our carts with junk, we knew what we needed and were in and out in no time.

I had a free drink at Starbucks, so there was a mini detour to try the new Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappachino.


It as good, but very, very sweet. I think I could have done with about half of the caramel ribbon and been good. I did enjoy the mini crunchy pieces though. Yum.

We took Maddie to the dog park that afternoon.


She was in doggie heaven out there. She loves running and splashing in the water with the other dogs. I wish the dog park wasn’t so far away, I would take her here every day if I could.


We spent Sunday at home cleaning and catching up on laundry. We had tickets for Cinebistro to see Hangover 3 that night.


Cinebistro is the “fancy” theater in town with a full bar and a full menu that they serve during the movie. The seats are comfy, the service is good, and the food is actually pretty tasty (full review HERE). We had originally planned to see the movie on Friday night, but when I tried to book the tickets a few hours before the movie started, I discovered they were sold out. Saturday was sold out, too. The earliest availability was Sunday and the best I could do were seats in the second row. So, word of advice, if you want to see a movie at Cinebistro – book early.

Hangover III was just okay. It was better than the second one, but not nearly as great as the first one. They did change the plot up a bit for this one, which was nice. Doug still gets left out of the adventure, though. Poor Doug.

Oh, I ordered the bistro burger with sweet potato fries for my dinner during the movie.


I asked for the “secret sauce” on the side and really didn’t feel the burger needed it. It was a decent burger. Nothing amazing, just decent.

Monday was reserved for the beach.


The whole gang was at Ft. Desoto EARLY to try and beat the Memorial Day crowds.

It was such a great beach day. It was hot, but not unbearable and the water was so refreshing. I wish I had remembered my swim cap and goggles, a group did an open water swim off of the beach and I was jealous I couldn’t join in.



We stayed until the crowds moved in, then hightailed it out of there. We were whining about having to get up early for the beach, but it was definitely worth it to avoid finding a spot in this mess.


Like I said, it was a great weekend.

Now, bring on the work week! I’m ready for it! 🙂

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