Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Blueberries, Please!

by Meghann on May 11, 2013

Remember the 2+ lbs of blueberries I came home with from the u-pick blueberry farm last weekend? Well… they were gone all gone by Thursday. Besides the blueberry pie (which we actually made using the berries from my parent’s stash), the blueberries were all ate fresh either with ricotta cheese/yogurt for breakfast or straight from the container. The blueberries just were too good, I couldn’t resist munching on them every time I opened the fridge.

Despite eating so many blueberries over the course of four days, I was still hungry for more. Luckily my friend Beka had the hook up. A friend of hers had a test plot of blueberry fields that needed to harvested and was looking for folks to help her pick the field, in return they could keep all the berries they picked. Me! Me! Me! I was interested!

We headed over to Dover after work on Friday and spent the evening picking all the blueberries we could carry for free! It was pretty epic.


20130510_183402.jpg 20130510_183555.jpg 20130510_183558.jpg 20130510_183803.jpg

The bushes were FULL of blueberries, I could have stayed there for hours picking blueberries and still have found more. They were beautiful blueberries, too. So plump, ripe, and deliciously sweet.


I’m not sure if more blueberries went in our mouths or in our bowls/bags? Blueberries are one of those things you can just keep eating and eating and never feel full.

20130510_191948.jpg 20130510_191950.jpg

Check out my haul!


I ended up coming up with 5+ lbs of blueberries!!


That’s a LOT of blueberries. I plan on freezing half and working my way through the rest this week. I already have my heart set on some blueberry pancakes and blueberry smoothies. Any other blueberry suggestions?

We celebrated Mother’s Day a day early with my family at Disney World.


For Mother’s Day, my mom got an annual pass to Walt Disney World this year. She and my dad have been talking about getting passes for a while now, so she’s really excited about it. I’m also excited because now I have two more people to randomly go to Disney with. 🙂


Despite the crazy Mother’s Day crowds, the lines for the rides really weren’t bad. I think the most we waited was 30 minutes and that’s only because Pirates of the Caribbean had a momentary delay after breaking down right before we boarded. We managed to make our way through Magic Kingdom in just a few hours and just had a blast exploring.


P5118887.JPG P5118884.JPG

I seem to get in a routine of going on the same rides over and over again when I visit the parks and tend to completely overlook old favorites. The speedway ride in Tomorrowland is a perfect example of a great ride that I always forget about, usually because it doesn’t have a fast pass option and the line is usually long. Before today, I couldn’t tell you the last time I’d been on it!


This was THE ride when we were kids, mainly because it was the closest we could get to driving at that age. It was also a pretty big deal when we were finally tall enough to drive the car without a parent present, especially when the younger siblings still had a few more inches to go. Oh, the joys of being an older sibling.


Bumping each other never got old either. 😉


It started raining around 4:00 and we called it quits shortly after that.

I know it’s still a day early, but Happy Mother’s Day to the best mommy in the world!


Seriously, how did I get so lucky to have as great of a mom as I do? I could spend a lifetime thanking her for everything she’s done for my siblings and I and it still wouldn’t be enough.

I love you, Mom!! Thank you for always being you and allowing me to always be me. 🙂

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