Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My New Routine

by Meghann on May 8, 2013

5:25 am: First alarm goes off. I turn it off and roll over. Maddie crawls over and curls up next to me. She understands it’s almost time to get up, but Mommy gets 5 minutes of extra sleep.

5:30 am: Second alarm goes off. I have NO idea how to use the snooze feature on the Galaxy S3, so I just started the habit of setting two alarms. The first one wakes me up with a soft, gentle music, while the second one had more of an intense “It’s tiiiimmmmmmeeeee to get up beat.” Eh. The alarms work for me. Maddie knows the second alarm means it’s really time to wake up and starts licking my face. If the second alarm doesn’t get me up, Maddie does.

5:35 am: After a personal stop at the restroom, I take Maddie out for her own potty break. She sniffs, jumps, and eventually does her business.

5:40 am: I head back inside to quickly change and nibble on half a Chewy Bar. I fill my water bottle, tie my shoes, and quickly check my email and social media accounts to make sure nothing crazy happened overnight. No news is good news.

5:50 am: I hop in the car and make the short drive to my CrossFit studio. I’ve really been enjoying the switch to the 6:00am class. All of my box-mates are still wonderful and there’s nothing better than getting a solid workout before starting my day.

6:00 am: CrossFit starts. Today is a good one. We work on hand stand push-ups (HSPU) and I graduate from the band to up against the wall. I also surprise myself by only needing two ab mats instead of three under my head – progress!

The WOD was a 15 minute AMRAP that definitely had me hurting. So many cleans! So much time!

I wore a new Brooks outfit to class (just arrived last night!) and LOVED it.


The Glycerin shorts were so loose and comfy!

7:00 am: Drive back home.

7:10 am: Jump in the shower and have the age old debate of whether to shave my legs or not (I opted for not).

7:15 am: Put my robe on and start prepping lunch and my swim bag for the day. I also recheck my email and social media accounts.

7:30 am: Make breakfast. Today I had a bowl of low fat ricotta cheese with strawberry jam, fresh strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, and Kashi Cinnamon Go Lean Crisp. This has been my breakfast of choice lately.

7:45 am: Get dressed. Put hair half up and call it a day.

7:55 am: Make coffee for my to-go cup (still LOVING our Keurig!).

8:00 am: Give Maddie and Derek a kiss good bye and start my commute to work.

8:40 am: Arrive at work late. Curse horrible traffic.

8:45 am: Sit at my desk and start my work day: answer emails, make phone calls, attend meetings, etc.

10:12 am: Have a handful of nuts from my bag of mixed nuts in my desk. Bag is getting low. Doesn’t matter, I’m pretty sick of them now anyway. Make mental notes to replenish snack drawer with something that isn’t mixed nuts.

12:15 pm: Stomach growls! Lunch time!


12:20 pm: Head outside with co-workers to eat lunch by the water. I soak in the sunshine while dining on a leftover cous cous, bacon, goat cheese, tomato, and spinach salad with carrots and hummus.


1:00 pm: Back at my desk. Back to work.

3:00 pm: Snack time! Head to office kitchen to cut apple slices for peanut butter dipping.

4:15 pm: Pack up and head out to run work-related errands with co-worker.

5:00 pm: Discover the new Wawa on Dale Mabry is now open! Can’t resist stopping in and seeing what it’s all about.


Of course, I just had to order something using the screens.


Order a berry smoothie. Tastes like a berry milkshake.


5:40 pm: Arrive at swim practice early. Attempt taking a nap in parking lot.

5:55 pm: Call sister and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

6:00 pm: Head inside to change.

6:20 pm: Begin swim practice with friends. No one is really motivated this evening, so we take it easy and give the coach a hard time.


7:15 pm: We talk coach into letting us out early tonight. There are group plans for pizza!

7:30 pm: The group meets at Westshore Pizza for a team dinner. We spend way too long figuring out what to order for the group. Typical.


7:45 pm: Proceed to stuff face with pizza and salad.

9:00 pm: Arrive home exhausted. Thankful for Derek who takes Maddie out and feeds her.

9:15 pm: Check online for Rocketman photos. Still not up. Contemplate finishing recap but begin writing this post instead.

9:50 pm: Press publish on this post. Next moves include brushing teeth and heading to bed.

Good night!

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