Monday, May 6, 2013

What I’ve Been Eating

by Meghann on May 6, 2013

I know. I owe you guys a race report. I promise I’m working on it. This may be the first race report in Meals and Miles history where I’m waiting for the official photos to write the full report. The truth is that I’m not sure I can tell the full story without them. There were photographers on all the “right” spots along the course and I’m crossing my fingers they caught a couple of good shots. If they did, I bet my mouth is wide open in complete awe of how close we were to the vehicle assembly building or launch pads – the course was that cool.

The race director just sent an email promising photos by Wednesday. My fingers are crossed will have them before then!

In the mean time, here’s a little look at what I’ve been eating lately:

I’ve sorted of fallen out of the habit of taking photos of everything I eat (even after 4 years of constant food-photo taking, it’s crazy how easy that habit was to drop), but I have captured a few things lately.

Like this crazy delicious lunch I had last week.


Featuring a baked sweet potato stuffed with deli chicken and swiss cheese (reheated in the office kitchen microwave). So, so, so good!


I made this random concoction for dinner last night.


I know, it’s not pretty, but it was good. Roasted vegetables topped with two runny eggs, goat cheese, and roast beef. So much flavor right there!

Here’s a homemade turkey burger from Thursday.


And my dinner from Panera Bread on Friday.


The new thai chicken salad gets two thumbs up from me!

I had a free drink reward for Starbucks that I’d been saving for after my race on Sunday. Lucky for me, I accidentally stumbled upon Starbucks happy hour for half off Frappuccinos. Since my drink was only $2, I ended up saving the free reward for another, pricier Starbucks adventure.


The promotion is 3-5 everyday until May 12th. AND the new Mocha Cookie Cumble flavor is back. It comes with CHOCOLATE whipped cream covered in cookie crumbles, do I really need to say more? 😉

Luna sent me their new Carrot Cake Luna bar to try last week.

luna carrot cake bar.jpg

I loved the rich spices present in the bar. It definitely had a carrot cake bite to it. I’d eat it again.

Tried any good recipes lately? I’m always looking for good ones!

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