Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekly Workouts: 4/29 – 5/5

by Meghann on May 5, 2013


AM: CrossFit


Warm up: 300 m shuttle run; 10 squat & sink, 10 straight leg toe touches; 2 x 8 kb swings, 6 push ups, 4 strict pull ups

Skill/focus: Back Squat

  • Warm up as needed and 2 or 3 attempts
  • Back Squat 3 RM

WOD: Heavy Helen

  • 1 gasser (300 meter shuttles)
  • 12 kb swings 70#/53# (I did 35#)
  • 6 strict pull ups
  • 3 RFT

I had to drop the bar for the first time in CrossFit on Monday. I broke form during my third rep of my 3 rm attempt and felt myself caving in. It was either drop the bar or hurt my back, I chose to drop the bar.

The “Heavy Helen” was a killer with the heavy swings and pull ups, but also fun thanks to the shuttles. I love any WOD that includes running. 😉


AM: Bike Trainer

It was POURING when I woke up on Tuesday. I’m all for running in the rain, but not when it’s raining so bad that you’re soaked to the bone as soon as you step out the door. Instead of running I opted to try a Spinerval DVD a friend recommended.


The Spinerval DVD ended up being just what I needed. It’s an exercise DVD that takes you through a 45 minute workout on your bike trainer. I loved it because it told me whether I should be on the “big” gear or the “little” gear in the front and which gear I should be on in the back for each segment. Each segment was made up of high intensity intervals that kicked my booty. I’m still learning what workouts I can do on my bike trainer, so it was a great tutorial. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who is as lost (or bored) on the bike trainer as I am.

PM: Swim

  • 1400 yds

My team’s FAVORITE public pool reopened this week. Do you know how you build something up in your head so much that it can never really live up to the pedestal you put it on? Not the case here. The pool was just as amazing as I remembered it. I swear the water just felt fresher and crisper.

Unfortunately we were in the middle in a set when the clouds started moving in and lightening was spotted in the area. We still got about 1400 yds in, which is a-okay in my mind. I can’t wait to return!


AM: CrossFit



Warm up: 400 m run; hip/hammie mob; 250 m row, 10 squats 10 alt lunges w/ arm raise, 10 transverse lunges, 10 strt leg toe touches, 10 push ups, 30 mtn clbrs (in & out)

WOD: Partners

Run: 100 m, 250 m, 500 m, 800 m

Row 800 m, 500 m, 250 m, 100 m or Climb 400 ft, 250, 125, 50

Lots of running = good. Lots of rowing = bad. Ugh.


AM: Run

  • 4.35 mi/ 00:28

Easy run to get the legs moving in the morning.


Rest 🙂

I needed a rest day.


AM: Shake out run w/ Ben

  • 3 mi/ 00:27

Ben and I did a shake out run before our race. It was also an excuse to play catch up with my brother.


Rocketman Tri


  • 400 meter swim
  • 33 mile bike (my Garmin said 35+)
  • 3.1 mile run

I’ll be back tomorrow with a full recap (hoping to buy some official race photos). The race was AMAZING and totally lived up to everything promised. There was some disorganization in transition, but the bike ride was more than enough to make up for it. I can’t wait to share more!

How did your workouts go last week?

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