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Weekly Workouts: 4/22 – 4/28

by Meghann on April 28, 2013

Something has been missing on this blog lately – my workouts. Since I’m not blogging daily about them anymore, I decided to start a “Weekly Workout” segment. I was planning on starting this when Ironman Florida training officially kicks off on May 20th (<– Yep! I have an official training start date!), but I was getting antsy and decided this week was as good of a week as any.

Plus, it might might be fun to look back and see the changes from pre-Ironman training to full on Ironman training. Just to give you a sneak peek, here’s what June is going to look like:

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 7.33.15 AM.png

Oddly enough, I’m really excited about it. I <3 training plans!

As I’m in “pre-training” mode I’ve been taking it relatively easy and just working on keeping my base. I try to swim twice a week, run three times a week, and bike once a week, but that didn’t exactly happen this week. I had car issues on Thursday so swimming was out (don’t worry, my new car is fine – I just had a mini run in with the parking garage, luckily my friend fixed it and it’s good as new) and I was short on time on Saturday so my normal bike day was out too. Whoops.

Here’s the break down:


AM: CrossFit

  • Warm up: shoulder mobility; 300 m row; 2x wall climbs x 2, squat jumps x 5, ring rows x 5
  • Skill Focus: Bench Press Bench 6 x 6 EMOM @ 70% of 1 rm then. . . 2 x max reps 1 arm db row AHAP (rest 2 min between)
  • WOD: AMRAP for 6 minutes HSPU on odd minutes, Box jumps 24”/20” on even minutes

PM: Run for Boston

  • 3 mi / 00:26-ish (wasn’t wearing a watch)



AM: Run with Maddie

  • 3.3 mi / 00:30

Maddie was bouncing off the walls Tuesday morning begging for a run. It’s the one way I know that will really calm her down, plus she loves nothing more than to get outside and run.

PM: Ladder Swim

  • 2400 yards

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 8.22.28 PM.png


AM: CrossFit

  • Warm up: Shoulder mobility; 400 m run; plank shoulder circles 10 ea direction; 2 x 5 kb swings, 5 ring push ups, 5 strict chin ups
  • Skill Focus: Ring & MU Progressions (worked on dips and chin ups)
  • WOD: Tabata (4 min ea station w/ 1 min transition between exercises)
  • Swings 53#/35# (I used 30)
  • Sledge slams
  • Ring dips (parallel bar dips)
  • V ups

This one KILLED me! It was my first time doing sledge slams and I learned that I’m not aggressive enough for that station. Sledge slams definitely take some power to get them going.


Wore my Adidas Boston shirt to CrossFit on Wednesday. The shirt sold out in just a couple of hours when they released it last week and raised over one million dollars for in the process!


AM: Run

  • 5 mi/ 00:46

The sun is starting to rise earlier, so my early runs aren’t so pitch black anymore. I love the longer days of summer, they’re really going to make training so much easier.


AM: CrossFit

I don’t have the exact WOD on hand, but it was a combination of all the moves used in the Open. It also called for the counting of a lot of reps.


Who needs a calculator when you have basic third grade math skills to help you add? 😉


AM: Run

  • 7 mi / 1:02

I have no idea why, but lately my long runs on Saturday have been run at a much faster pace than my weekday runs. I’m not “trying” for any goal pace for any of my runs, but some reason my legs just want to go faster on Saturdays. All during the week they average 9:10ish and on Saturday it’s 8:50ish. So strange. Further proof I’ve just been letting my legs do their own thing lately and they’re itching to start diving into real training again.



How did your workouts go last week?

p.s. CONGRATS to everyone who raced this weekend!!

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