Monday, April 22, 2013

Runners for Boston

by Meghann on April 22, 2013

Thousands of runners across the country came together as ONE running community tonight to support BOSTON and its victims.


FitNiche hosted Tampa’s run for Boston. “Runners for Boston” shirts were available with 100% of proceeds going to One Fund Boston. I arrived early hoping to buy a shirt to show my support, but they had sold out well before I had arrived. I went ahead and placed an order for one that should arrive next week.



Over a hundred local runners came out to show their support (as I’m sure was the case at other Boston Run locations around the country). It was pretty amazing to see so many runners come together for a united cause. Tonight’s run wasn’t about speed or training, it was about reflection, honoring, and healing.


We did a 3 mile loop around the surrounding neighborhoods of Hyde Park. The first mile was run in silence and dedicated to the Boston victims and their families. It was emotional to run in silence with everyone, more emotional than I thought it would be. I thought about the events from the last week and just let everything go, leaving all those emotions on the road. I think everyone else was doing the same thing – we were averaging sub-8:00min miles there!


It was a beautiful evening for a run. The rain held off, the sun peeked through, and the humidity remained bearable. I ended up finishing the 3 miles around 26 minutes and felt out of breath and flustered as I grabbed my water and caught up with my friends. Everyone had the same red, sweat soaked face – aka the classic “runner’s face.” We lingered longer than normal and enjoyed the extra time together on a random weeknight.

Did you join a Runners for Boston event tonight?

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