Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Day

by Meghann on April 18, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Do you know why it’s “Happy”?! Because tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Woo hoo!

I swear this week has been just as long as last week. After working out booties off all last week for race day, we were back in the office Monday morning prepping for the rest of the season. I plan on spending the upcoming weekend catching up on sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

This morning I ran. I covered four miles on my favorite route from my house and enjoyed the quiet roads that are always so peaceful right before the sun rises. I love running in the morning. It’s usually just me, the road, and the street lamps. I love that.

I’m still listening to this month’s book club read (Running the Rift) even though we may have already had our monthly meeting to discuss the book on Tuesday. Whoops. I blame my new car. It doesn’t have an auxiliary plug (YET, hoping to have one installed this weekend!) so I can’t listen to the book on the way to and from work. Lately the only chance I have to listen is on runs and I’m just not breaking in as many miles as I used to. It is a great book and I’m hoping to finish it soon (I only have 4 hours left!). Luckily I wasn’t the only one at book club who hadn’t finished so we kept the discussion spoiler free.

I treated myself with some mid-week pancakes after my run.


I’m still obsessed with this Greek Yogurt Pancake recipe. It’s seriously so easy that it takes no extra time to make before work. I used Lemon Chobani this morning and prepped the batter before I hopped in the shower. I also added some chia seeds for the hell of it. After sitting for about 15 minutes the batter was extra fluffy, this made for extra fluffy pancakes. Yum.

I’ve developed a really bad habit of stopping at Starbucks on the way to work every morning. My AMAZING friends all chipped in and gave me a hefty Starbucks gift card on my first day of work that has been feeding my habit. Yep, I pretty much have the greatest friends in the world who know the way to my heart – Starbucks.


I’m about halfway through the gift card now. My go-to drink is a Grande Non-Fat Misto with Dark Roast, which thankfully is not a drink that really breaks the bank (except for the days I splurge on a latte or frappe).

When I worked from home I gave up the mid-morning snack routine I developed at my last office job simply because I was eating breakfast later and didn’t really need it. Now that I’m back to working out at 5:30am and eating breakfast around 7ish, I need it again. It’s like clockwork, right at 10:00am my tummy starts to grumble and I know I need a little something, something to hold me over until lunch at noon.

Lately I’ve been grabbing handfuls of nuts when that happens.


I bought this never-ending bag of mixed nuts from BJs in March and it’s been in my desk drawer since day one. It keeps things easy.

Dork alert.


The weather was AMAZING for a picnic lunch by the water. A couple of co-workers and I brought our lunch sacks downstairs to soak up some good ole vitamin d.

I packed a kale salad today (dressed with lemon juice and evoo and topped with avocado and tomatoes), an apple, and cheese.


I really wanted some PB to go with the apple, but we’re all out at home. Boo.

Outfit of the day:


Skirt and shirt = Limited. Cardigan = Loft. Necklace = your guess is as good as mine.

I had a leftover Luna bar from my snack bag this weekend that made for a delicious afternoon snack.


I finished up work around 5:30 and battled the usual horrific traffic on the way home. I hate traffic. For some reason it’s been extra bad this week. Not cool.

Luckily the drive home gave me plenty of time to think about dinner. I had a pound of ground turkey in the fridge that needed to be turned into something good. For whatever reason my asian meatloaf recipe came to mind and I knew what I was making. I did have one slight change to the recipe – I added some shredded carrot to bulk it up a bit.


The meatloaf was served with roasted brussels sprouts and mashed sweet potato. Such a good meal.

I had a Klondike Bar for dessert.


They were BOGO the other week so Derek happily added them to the shopping cart. I swear they call my name from the freezer. Heath Bar has always been a favorite of mine. 😉

In other news, my siblings ran Color Me Rad last Friday.


Their race registrations were Christmas presents from Derek and I last December. I was really bummed I wasn’t able to join them, but am THRILLED they had so much fun!!


There’s a Color Me Rad coming to Tampa on May 25th – anyone interested in doing it?!?! I’m dying to do one of these races!

Alright. That’s it from my end.

Good night!

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