Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I surprised myself

by Meghann on April 17, 2013

I surprised myself at CrossFit this morning.

I climbed the rope! I didn’t fall!

You see, the rope has always been something I’ve been afraid of. Not because I was afraid I was going to get hurt, but I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to do it. So afraid that I’ve gone 6 months without even attempting to do it. Whenever there was a rope climb included in a WOD, I always took the modified route instead. No point attempting something i knew I was going to fail.

However, today there was no escaping it. The rope climb was part of the skill/focus and we had 10-15 minutes dedicated to learning how to climb.


Not fair.

So I stood in line and waited my turn to climb. I watched as our coach showed the girl in front of me how to place her foot with the knee on the outside of the robe and how to grip the robe with her legs for stability before bringing her knees to her chest, moving her arms up the rope, and starting all over again. Gulp. That looked complicated.

Soon it was my turn. I was waiting to fail, waiting to slip and not make it up, but that didn’t happen. For some odd reason something clicked. My feet fell into place, the concept of bringing my knees to my chest made sense, and I was able to move up the rope without really thinking about it. For once, I surprised myself with this strange rope climbing ability I didn’t know I had. I made it to the top and felt like I could do it over and over again.


I ended up climbing the rope the proposed 5 time, and by the end of our skill/focus time I had fellow CrossFitters asking me for advice on how to get up there. What? I swear that NEVER happens – usually I’m the one asking them for advice. Who knew I had this hidden rope climbing talent?

So there you have it, I surprised myself. This whole time I was afraid to try this new scary thing, when really it wasn’t so scary after all.

The rest of the class was awesome. We had a partner workout and I was paired with one of my CrossFit friends, Scott, who just turned 57 this month and can still whoop my butt at most WODS.

Here’s the WOD:

  • 10 minute run for meters
  • 10 minute max ball slams #20/#14
  • 100 weighted sit-ups #25/#15
  • *1 person working at a time

Since it was a partner workout, we traded off doing the work during the allotted time. For the run Scott and I took turns running 400 meters until time was up (we finished with 2700 meters in 10 minutes!), for the ball slams we traded off doing 25 at a time, and for the sit ups we also broke it up by 25.

The run was fun. It was basically like doing 400 repeats, which I haven’t done in forever and miss nearly. I really need to get to a track more often! The ball slams killed me (10 minutes is a loooonnnggg time), but I kept going and didn’t quit. The sit-ups were the final sprint.

And to put the cherry on top of the great CrossFit class, I RXed by using the #14 medicine ball and #15 weight for the sit ups! Another thing that NEVER happens so I’m celebrating while I can!



When’s the last time your surprised yourself during a workout?

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