Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dog Treats

by Meghann on April 11, 2013

Maddie had a busy week last week. Between her many belly rubs, long runs with mom, and hours of sleeping on the couch (have I mentioned I have one spoiled dog?), she had three emails asking if she wanted to sample some new dog treats and toys. Of course, I took on the role of her “mommy manager” and asked her point blankly if she was in fact interested in sampling new products for the blog.

Her first reaction? No pictures please. I won’t work for anything less than four bags of treats


Drama queen.

Luckily Dynamo Dog Functional Treats does in fact come in four different varieties and they sent her a bag of each to try.


Talk about Maddie heaven.


I love her little tongue. 🙂

From the website:

“Dogs, like people, benefit from daily vitamins too. That’s why we developed Dynamo Dog™ Functional treats Hip & Joint formula. Now there is a fun and delicious way to help support your dog’s specific needs. With all the running and jumping dogs do in a day, they could use the added glucosamine and chondroitin, plus specially selected fruits, vegetables, and herbs to keep them feeling their best. Dynamo Dog™ Functional Treats are grain free, gluten free, and are always made in the USA with the freshest ingredients.”

I should probably preface their review by stating that Maddie is a very picky treat eater. She’s not really a fan of milkbones or other cardboard-esque dog treats. I always feel bad when we’re out and about and different locations (pet stores, the banks, drive thrus… you’d be surprised how many places give random dog treats) try to give her a dog treat. She usually turns her nose at them and walks away. I can only buy soft dog treats for her and if the treats are longer than an inch, I have to break them up in smaller pieces (again, SPOILED dog!). She’s also one of those dogs that will take a treat and “save it” for later. She’ll bring it to her bed and leave it there for a special occasion. I’m not sure where she got her will power, but it wasn’t from me.


Luckily the Dynamo Dog Functional Treats had a lot of things going for them from Maddie’s point of view.

For starters. they’re a soft dog treat that are short and fat for easy Maddie consumption.


They also come in her favorite flavors – chicken and bacon & cheese. My girl does love her chicken and bacon.


From a mommy standpoint, I like that they promote healthy hip and joints (VERY important for my constantly-jumping Jack Russell Terrier).


I also like the not-so-scary ingredient list. First ingredient? chicken! Not chicken meal, not chicken parts – just chicken. (p.s. this is the back of a chicken flavored bag of treats, not the bacon and cheese 😉 ).


So what does Maddie think (because that’s really what matters in the end – if she actually ate them or not)…


She loves them! There’s no “saving” these treats for later. When she’s handed one, she pounces on it.


I can haz more?


Is your dog a picky treat eater?

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