Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Things for Friday

by Meghann on March 22, 2013


I got the results from my colposcopy this morning.

Thankfully It was all good news. The abnormal cells were mild dysplasia so I will not need a leep procedure (three cheers for that!). However, I will have to return for another pap test in 6 months – a fact I am a-okay with!


I love my new job.

Like really, really love it. I pinched myself after leaving a really productive meeting this morning because I simply couldn’t believe this was my real life. I get to take part in making some really cool decisions. Most days I just spend my whole time in the office smiling.


I’m running a race in the morning.

You know that sub-48 10k I’ve been training for? It’s, umm, tomorrow. I don’t feel prepared at all. My training runs haven’t been what I’ve wanted them to be and I haven’t been hitting my goals. Sigh. I guess whatever happens, happens.


Always double check your race registrations at least a week before race day.

My super cheap $25 10K turned into a $40 10K because I thought I had registered when I really hadn’t. I tore my inbox apart last night trying to find an email confirmation when there wasn’t one. I could have sworn I registered for this race back in January! Even if I had realized that I hadn’t actually registered for the race on Wednesday night instead of Thursday, I could have saved $10. Registration was kept open until 10am on Thursday for $30, while onsite registration was hiked up to $40. #fail

Oh, well. At least they had onsite registration tonight and I was able to register without a problem. AND my registration fee went to a good caught (Pancreatic Cancer Foundation).



I made killer burgers for dinner tonight.

Bacon, avocado, mushrooms, and onions – oh my!


It was pretty epic. 😉

Now I’m crossing my fingers this rain outside disappears before race time!

Good Night!

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