Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sister Time

by Meghann on March 16, 2013

Man, I love Saturdays.

Today was extra special since I had my sister here to enjoy it with.


Even better, I was able to sleep in and still get a ride in with my sister. She made it to Tampa just before noon and we immediately hit the trail.


Nothing crazy, just 20 miles where we basically spent the whole time talking. We did a few sets of intervals on the way back, but I think both of us were more looking for a relaxing ride on the way back.

20130316_131117.jpg 20130316_131130.jpg

By the way, what’s the deal with random cyclists who ride your draft? This has happened a few times while riding this particular trail. We’ll be riding along doing our thing when a random cyclist will latch on to our draft and ride along. Usually it’s not a big deal, but this time the guy wasn’t paying attention and hit my sister’s back tire. Not cool. If you’re going to ride a random stranger’s draft, at least pay attention (especially if you’re not going to tell them you’re doing so).

Have you ever had a random cyclist catch your draft on a ride?


I seem to have started a pricey tradition of stopping at Whole Foods on the way home from the trail for a Green Dream smoothie. I can’t help it. They’re addicting!


This time I asked for some vanilla protein powder for a little staying power. I also had a couple of leftover turkey meatloaf muffins when we got home.

Loft currently has a 40% off storewide sale going on through the weekend, so we headed there after our showers.


I bought a dress and two shirts, but still didn’t have much success with pants. We headed to Gap after Loft (they’re 30% off through the weekend), where I found a white pair of pants that I loved the fit of, but couldn’t justify buying white pants. Knowing my track record with white clothing, I would probably spill coffee on them on day one. It was weird because I tried on the exact same style and size of pants in a blue and a black checker pattern, but both looked horrible. How does the same pant fit so drastically different in different colors?

And to round off our day of sisterly fun, we made cookies!!


Peanut Butter Monster Cookies from Pinterest. Recipe HERE.



And then we took it one step further….

IMG_9837.JPG IMG_9839.JPG IMG_9841.JPG IMG_9843.JPG

Heck yeah.


Peanut butter monster cookie vanilla ice cream sandwich.

The ultimate pre-race treat. 🙂

Alright, time for bed. We have a 4:30am wake up call and a race to run in the morning.

Good Night!

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