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by Meghann on March 15, 2013

I had a special delivery on Wednesday.

Brooks Ghost 5 .jpg

The Brooks Ghost 5s are here! Aren’t they pretty? 🙂

*warning: shoe geeking out ahead!*

The Brooks Ghosts are a little bit of a departure from my tried and true Brooks Glycercins and a major leap from the Brooks PureConnects I’ve been running lately. I’m usually a runner who is stuck in her ways when it comes to shoes (I ran exclusively in Brooks Glycerin 8s for 2 years), but lately I’ve been up for trying new things and have had some success in doing so. I think falling in love with the PureConnects was a major shocker for me. I never thought I’d love a minimalist shoe, but I do. That kind of spirit was what made me deviate from the Glycerins when it was time to select a new shoe from Brooks core line of running shoes. Why not try something new?

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 8.46.33 PM.png

The core line of Brooks’ running shoes consists of more of “go-to” traditional running shoes than the PureProject minimalist line. The core shoes are more cushioned for a comfortable ride. I know everyone has their own theory on traditional running shoes versus minimalist shoes and which ones they prefer, but honestly I’m a fan of both. I enjoy wearing my PureConnects for shorter runs, but still stick to a core shoe for longer runs and when I feel my feet want a cushioned ride. It’s nice to have a couple of options when running.


The core line is divided into three categories with a range of options in terms of structure and support depending on your style as a runner: neutral, guidance, and support.

In case you’ve ever wondered which Brooks shoes were what, the company sent me this nifty little guide that I found helpful and thought some other shoe nerds might enjoy as well:

Neutral – These shoes deliver the high-performance features an efficient gait needs, blending them with a plush, comfortable feel.

  • The shoes: Try Glycerin 10 or Ghost 5. These neutral shoes provide a luxurious ride from heel to toe. Your feet will feel like a million bucks.   

Guidance – For feet that straddle the line between neutral and support, this shoe is a great go-to, providing just a little guiding support and an amazing fit for slight over-pronators.

  • The shoe: Ravenna 4. This guidance shoe is the lightest of the core collection.

Support – This shoe is designed for moderate to severe over-pronators.

  • The shoe: Adrenaline GTS – Delivering the perfect blend of balance and cushion, this support shoe is Brooks’ most popular – GTS literally stands for “Go-To Shoe!”

The Glycerins are a neutral shoe that have a lot of cushion. I prefer the extra cushion since that usually means it takes longer for the shoe to wear down and you get more miles out of them (or more bang for your buck). I wanted to try the Ghosts because I’ve heard so many good things about them and wanted to see how they compared to my Glycerins.

They arrived Wednesday night and I laced them up for my run with Maddie Thursday morning.


Maddie and I covered 4 miles at her 9:30ish stop-and-pee-every-5-minutes pace. It’d been a month or so since I last wore regular running shoes (and not my Pure Connects) so my feet felt like they were running on straight up pillows. The Ghosts were super comfy and still very light.


They’re a tiny bit lighter than the Glycerins, but still have the same amount of welcomed support. My foot just sort of melted into it and let the shoe take care of the rest. There were no awkward twists of the ankle, no need to work extra hard to support myself, just the thought of putting one foot in front of the other. It really was a great run.

It’s hard to give a complete review based off of four miles, but so far I’m a fan. We’ll see how they feel as I continue to build mileage in them. The real test will be to see how long they last. I could always get an extra hundred or so miles out of my Glycerins based off of their high cushioning, hopefully the Ghosts will have the same luck.

What’s your current “go-to” shoe? Are you a traditionalist or have you fallen in love with the new minimalist movement? Or do you train with both?

*The Brooks Ghosts 5 were sent to me as part of the Brooks Run Happy Ambassador program. All opinions are my own.

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