Monday, March 4, 2013

Riddle Me This

by Meghann on March 4, 2013

Riddle me this... If you have breakfast for lunch is it still considered “brunch” if you’ve already had breakfast? Or do you just call it lunch? If you have breakfast for dinner, then you call it brinner (at least I do), so I think it’s safe to call it brunch, right? (The random thoughts that run through my mind when I’m writing a blog post. sigh. )

Anyway, here’s brunch (or just lunch?).


The egg scramble was messy. I had some leftover butternut squash from last night’s soup that I pre-roasted for about 20 minutes at 375. When the butternut squash was soft I added it to a pan with roasted red pepper, artichoke hearts, two eggs, and feta. It was a butternut squash/ egg mess that actually turned out really well. The butternut squash bulked the eggs up and gave them some nice flavor.


On the side I had bacon.


And cucumber slices.


Cucumber slices are quickly becoming new favorite side item. Cucumbers > carrots. #justsayin

I returned to the dentist today to have another cavity filled (yes, despite brushing and flossing twice a day I have horrible teeth – I blame you, genetics!) and didn’t have as great of an experience as I had last week. This time he had to numb me to fill a cavity in my front tooth. Everything was going well until the numbness wore off about halfway through the drilling. OWWWWWW…. not cool. I’m such a baby at the dentist and this experience did not help that fact. I need to go back to have an old filling replaced and I purposely made the appointment a month out to give myself time to recover between appointments. ๐Ÿ™

I stopped at Starbucks afterwards to do a little work and bought one of the protein boxes I’m always eyeing – but have never actually tried – as a little bit of a post-dentist pick-me-up.


Too bad the bistro boxes are a bit overpriced (as all things at Starbucks are) because it was a great snack. I loved the variety of flavors with the cheese, egg, bread, and fruit. It was more filling than a blueberry muffin or granola bar would have been and more satisfying too. Now that I’ve tried the box, I know I’ll be more tempted to buy it in the future if hunger every strikes at Starbucks. It would also make a great light breakfast for on the road.

Have you tried one of Starbucks’ bistro boxes? What did you think?

Tonight’s dinner was inspired by Gina’s recipe for Chocolate Chile Tacos, which popped up in my Google Reader about an hour before I rushed to the grocery store to buy the necessary ingredients to make it. She had me at “Chocolate Chile” – sold!


The recipe was ridiculously easy to follow and took all of 15 minutes to make. If you’re looking for a unique taco recipe to make in a pinch – this is it. The only thing I would suggest is using hot green chiles instead of mild. I bought the mild, but definitely thought the meat was missing some much needed spice and added some cayenne. If you don’t like spice, get the mild, but next time I’ll definitely be using the hot.


Also, the meat really doesn’t have a “chocolate” flavor. The addition of the unsweetened cocoa only adds a smooth cocoa richness to the meat. If you’re afraid of chocolate flavored meat, I promise you won’t find it here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

With roasted brussels sprouts on the side.


I “accidentally” registered for another race.

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 8.22.52 PM.png

Let’s just say the medal made me do it.


What? Who wouldn’t want a gigantic dolphin medal?! I mean, how cute is that?!

My sister’s running it, too! We’re going to turn it into a girl’s weekend. It looks like a beautiful course and I’ve heard great things about this race, so I’m excited. Plus, since we registered at the Gasparilla Expo, we also got a really discounted rate for the registration fee (another thing that sold me on the race). Those darn expo discounts get me every time!

Have you ever signed up for a race on a whim at an expo? That’s actually how I signed up for the Savannah Marathon a couple of years ago. They talked me into it with a $20 discount and a free shirt. How could I say no?

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