Wednesday, February 20, 2013

From Veggies to Cupcakes

by Meghann on February 20, 2013

Do you ever have those days where you’re too lazy to dirty a plate so you just eat your lunch off the cutting board?

Definitely had one of those today.


Today’s lunch was a classic snack plate – green beans, carrot sticks, hummus, and peanut butter on one side.


And crackers, apple slices, cheese, and cucumber on the other.


I mixed and matched everything; eating cheese, cucumber, and hummus in one bite, then cracker, cheese, and apple in another. I love the flavor variety in snack plate meals.

I had a special delivery today from Ready, Set, Cupcake!


Ready, Set Cupcake! is a frozen, all natural, no mix and no mess cake batter and butter cream frosting that I’ve recently seen pop up in the freezer section at Whole Foods. The company contacted me last week to see if I was interested in sampling the product, and I’ll admit the unique concept had me interested.

IMG_8894.jpg IMG_8899.jpg

The cupcake batter and frosting are sold separately in the freezer section. Both come pre-frozen in pastry bags, which take about 30 minutes to defrost when placed in a bowl of cold water.


Once the batter is defrosted you knead the bag to loosen everything up.


Then cut the tip and squeeze the batter directly into a cupcake tin.


The single pouch was good for 12 mini cupcakes (edited to add: the box says a single pouch will make 24, but I only got 12). On the box it suggests making a couple of cupcakes at a time and saving the batter for when ever you’re in the mood for a fresh cupcake. Not a bad idea.


I’ll admit it was nice not having to dirty any extra bowls or spoons for the batter. It really is a no mess approach to making semi-homemade cupcakes. Sort of like the cookie dough that comes in a roll.


While the cupcakes cooled, I got to work on the frosting, which went through a similar defrosting process.


Taking the box’s advice, I decided to add two tablespoons of peanut butter to the icing to mix it up a bit.


The icing at the top of the bag was a little more peanut buttery than the icing on the bottom (kneading the peanut butter and icing together in the pastry bag was a little wonky) , but it did the trick.


I cut the bottom of the pastry bag and a pastry tip was revealed. The bag/tip combo made icing the cupcakes a breeze.




The chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing were delicious. The cupcake was moist and fresh, and the icing was rich and thick.

I also enjoyed how easy the cupcake making process was – no mess, no fuss, just cupcakes. Even a non-baker like myself couldn’t mess this up.


However, the product itself is a little pricey for how much you get (edited to add: prices were recently lowered to $5.99 (batter) and $6.99 (buttercream frostings) ). I honestly can’t say I would ever buy this product on my own based on price alone. Maybe if I was in a pinch, but then having to wait 30+ minutes for the batter to defrost wouldn’t work in that scenario. Ready, Set, Cupcake! recently introduced a gluten free and dairy free version of their batter and frosting, which I could see as something I would buy if I needed to make gluten free or dairy free cupcakes or cakes for a friend with allergies. There’s definitely possibilities there.

What do you think of the Ready, Set, Cupcake! concept?


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