Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hiding Under My Pillow

by Meghann on February 19, 2013

And…. I’m pretty sure I won’t be sleeping at all tonight.


Gulp. What was I thinking watching Waking Dead?!

Yes, it was highly recommended. Yes, it has about a gazillion awards. Yes, my Twitter feed and Facebook newsfeed blow up every time a new episode comes on AMC.


I’m a big wimp when it comes to anything remotely scary or zombie related. I’m not built for that much anxiety!

Derek and I watched the first episode of Walking Dead on Netflix tonight and I spent the whole show hiding under a pillow.


Gah. I told you I was a wimp.

I’ve heard it gets better in later episodes, but I’m almost too terrified to find out. I think I need to take a day or two to recover from the pilot and let my heart rate come down first. :/

Are you a Walking Dead fan? Did the first episode give you a near-heart attack too?

Today’s snack: strawberry/ orange/ vanilla smoothie with a granola topper.


I love adding a granola topper to smoothies. It adds a nice crunch and, the best part is, once the smoothie is done, you can scrape the rest of the granola off the bottom with a spoon. Yum. yum. yum.

I tried this recipe for burmese spiced yogurt chicken for dinner tonight.


I used bone-in chicken breast instead of skinless/boneless, but I wish I would have deboned it before cooking. The bone-in chicken breast took about 30 minutes longer to cook than the recipe called for.


The chicken was good, but I wish I would have made more of the yogurt sauce to make up for the oversized chicken breast. I think this also would have been a better crock pot dish.


Alright, time to sleep. Let’s hope all the zombie nightmares stay far away!

Good Night!

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