Friday, February 8, 2013

28 on 2/8

by Meghann on February 8, 2013

It’s my birthday today!


(p.s. our reception photos are AWESOME)

It’s this guy’s birthday, too!


The photo is from last year’s birthday, but we can pretend it’s this year’s birthday and just be 27 again. mmmkay?


Or we can go wayyyyy back and be babies again.


awww… baby Josh and Meghann. Twins: double the cuteness, double the trouble – right, mom? 😉

In all seriousness, I think we’re both looking forward to being 28. Another year older is another year wiser and we’re both getting better with age. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Josh! I hope you’re celebrating it up big in California today!


I kicked off my first day as a 28 year old with a special birthday WOD at CrossFit.


My box keeps a monthly tab of everyone’s birthday on the whiteboard and on each CrossFitter’s birthday (or the next class they attend after their birthday) they are treated to a special birthday finisher’s WOD. So on top of today’s regular WOD (which was my first partner WOD and actually a lot of fun), my coach put up the following WOD on the board in honor of turning 28:

  • 19 double unders
  • 8 burpee box jumps
  • 5 man makers #20
  • 28 hollow rocks

You get it? 19-8-5 was the year I was born and 28 for my new age.

I think he threw the double unders in as a mini joke. I’ve been working on double unders for MONTHS without much success, then I tried a new rope during today’s WOD and managed to get two or three in a row on my second or third attempt. I was so shocked with what I just accomplished that he said my eyes got really big and I only stopped because I wasn’t expecting myself to go on. Apparently it was the funniest thing he’d seen in a long time. I’m glad I could give my coach a good chuckle. 🙂

I finished the birthday WOD and headed home to find my sexy new husband making birthday pancakes.


Pancakes are the way to any birthday girl’s heart.


I had two with almond butter, egg, fresh strawberries, marionberry syrup, and almond slivers.


It was pretty epic.


mmm…. pancakes.

I have plans to celebrate with my friends later, until then it’s just a regular day (minus the epic morning pancakes).

What’s your favorite birthday breakfast?

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