Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pancakes! Pancakes!

by Meghann on January 26, 2013



If you’re in a running slump – take my advice and take a nice long break starting now. Trust me. When the itch to run returns, you’ll be thankful you had the break to rest your legs and remember why you loved the sport in the first place. This first week back has been awesome. Really, really awesome. I’m officially back in the training groove and it feels great.

I could not have asked for better weather for my run this morning – maybe the awesome weather has something to do with my renewed running spirit? I love having the option to sleep in and still have it be cool enough to fit in a decent distance before breakfast.

The 8 miles may not have been much per marathon training standards, but it was my longest run since early December and still a good distance in my opinion. I revisited an old route I hadn’t run since the fall and knocked out the 8 miles with only minimal breaks for water fountains. I was surprised how fresh my legs felt. I actually had to make an effort to slow them down and not risk burning out by going out too fast. It was a great run, I needed that.

I had one thing on my mind in those last few miles – PANCAKES! As soon as I was done showering I jumped on the bed and started happily shouting “pancakes! pancakes!” in an effort to coax Derek out of bed. I love our Saturday morning pancake tradition. I make the batter and prep the fruit toppings, while he mans the griddle and flips the pancakes. He’s an expert pancake flipper, while I’m way too impatient for it (the key to perfect pancakes = patience).


We make some pretty tasty pancakes (thanks to the Kodiak just-add-water mix). With the pancakes I had two fried eggs, fresh strawberries, and some marionberry syrup.


I need a shirt that says “will run for pancakes.” Post-run pancakes = bliss.

*caution potential spoilers ahead*

I finished “Gone Girl” last night. I’m still not sure how I feel about the book. At the beginning I couldn’t figure out why everyone raved about the book. The main character was weak and his inability to tell the truth made me hate him immediately. It took me a while to get into it, but once it started getting good I kept waiting for something really big to happen, but that never came.

Don’t get me wrong, the storyline was brilliant and well played – It wasn’t like anything I had ever read before and I would still highly recommended to anyone looking for a good read. If anything “Gone Girl” was a great reminder of something I 100% believe to be true – never trust the stories that in the news or popular culture. No matter what they claim, you’ll never have the full story and chances are you never will. It’s easy to jump to conclusions, but people lie, cheat, and can be just plain evil (including the so-called “heroes” in the stories).

Did you read Gone Girl? What did you think?

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